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Seamax Ocean 380 & Honda Outboard Make Covid Summer Tolerable


Seamax Ocean 380 & Honda Outboard Make Covid Summer Tolerable. It may interest you to know that inflatable boats are the bestselling boats aside from big yachts. In fact, they are so popular that people even use them when going for fishing trips in lakes, ponds, coves as they are very portable.

Big Question for Inflatable Boats: Hypalon versus PVC?

All the inflatable boats you will get are composed of two materials – either from Hypalon or from PVC. The main tradeoff, in this case, is the durability versus the price.

PVC boats are very popular because of their lightweight nature and easy portability. You can fold them easily after use, and the recent development in polymer manufacture have resulted in strong quality modern PVC. Some PVC boats come with intricately woven threads, and the manufacturer uses denier to measure these threads. Higher rating means the threads are stronger but do not just look at this aspect – pay attention to the nature of the weave.

Tightly woven threads, such as 6×6 per cm, as opposed to 3×3 per cm, prove to be more resilient in their structure. The drawback to PVC boats is their vulnerability to extended sunlight, humidity, and heat. Hypalon boats, in contrast, are heavy, very strong and costly fabric.

If you want a boat that is heavy-duty, Hypalon boats are a better option than a PVC boat. Therefore, your intended use should inform the choice of boat you go for, not just your budget. If you want a boat that can serve you regularly, then go for Hypalon boats. If you want boats that serve you occasionally while retaining their compact and portable nature, then a PVC boat is the better option.


Seamax Ocean380T Commercial Grade Inflatable Boat

The Ocean-T series is Seamax’s top of the line model. It is the perfect inflatable boat for military, rescue and commercial applications, also offer great performance for recreational use & great value for the money.

12.5ft. x 5.7ft, 5 Pontoon Chambers, Aluminum Floor, V Bottom, Max Support 25HP Motor, Coast Guard Standard Reflective Tapes, Multi-Purpose

Seamax Ocean380T Specifications
Overall length 12.5ft, beam 5.7ft
Inner dimensions L9.0ft x W2.8ft
Boat dry weight 210 Lbs
Carry 5 passengers, max loading 1432 Lbs;
Pontoon diameter 17.5 inches, 5 pontoon chambers and 1 keel chamber
Chambers with Hypalon type 4 layers overlapped seam
max pressure 3.6PSI (25kPa)
Aluminum floor & reinforced V bottom
Short shaft 16”/ 82° & reinforced transom
Max 25HP motor, suggested 15-20HP.
Manufacturing Standard: Commercial grade boat fabric for main construction
Four layers overlapped chamber seam structure (Feature Code: FOS);
Keel Center Inner Reinforcement (KCR)
Transom Stabilizer & Reinforcement Design (TSR)
Hull Stabilizer Bar Structure (HSBS)

Seamax Ocean380T Accessories
2 aluminum bench seats
2 aluminum oars
2 heavy duty boat carrying bags (for hull & floorboard)
foot pump
boat repair kit & spare parts.
Reflective Plates (optional) – US Coast Guard Approved 3M Reflective Sheeting


Seamax Ocean 380 & Honda Outboard Honda 15 & 20 HP

Honda 15 & Honda 20 HP Shaft Gas Powered Outboard Motor Overview

Dependable Performance
4-stroke design for superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing
Microprocessor controls ignition and RPM range for optimal operation
Digital CD ignition for quick and easy starts
Perfect for small boats, dinghies or auxiliary
Manual Tilt
Longer tiller handle improves control and reduces steering effort
Front-mounted shift control allows fingertip shifting
Twist Grip Throttle & Tensioner minimizes driver fatigue
Charging System
Provides 2-Amps at 1000 RPM
Has a full throttle RPM range of 5,000-6,000
Belt-driven system keeps batteries charged and going all day long
Engine Alert System
Protects the engine from severe damage
Alerts you to check the engine due to low oil, over-revving and overheating
Easy To Transport
Convenient, foldaway carry handle for easier transporting
Rounded design to avoid catching fishing line

Seamax Ocean 380 & Honda Outboard Honda 15 & 20 HP Specifications

21.4 cubic inch displacement
CARB Compliant – Yes
Fuel System – Carbureted
Engine Brand – Honda
Engine Type – 4-Stroke SOHC
Cylinder Count – 2 Cylinder
Engine Displacement – 222 CCs
Bore & Stroke – 2.3 x 1.7 Inches
Full Throttle RPM Range: 5,000-6,000
Starting System – Recoil
Charging System – 6-Amp (76 watt)
Cooling System – Water Cooled
Ignition System – Programmed Ignition System
Exhaust System – Through Hub
Power Tilt – No
Power Thrust – No
External Fuel Tank – Included
Power Trim – No
Fuel – Unleaded 86 octane
Fuel Tank Capacity – 3 US gal Aux Tank
Oil Recommended Viscosity – 10W-30 Marine Oil
Oil Pressure Alert – Yes

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