“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”

- Mark Twain
Month: August 2022

Classic Vintage Autos on Rust to Riches

Classic Vintage Autos on Rust to Riches – The Gotham Garage consists of some of the most reputable restorers and mechanics in the country. There is no challenge too big for the workers over at the auto-body shop. As their


How to Solve Back Pain

How to Solve Back Pain – In May of 2022, Professor, Dr. Rudolph Bertagnoli performed a four-level lumbar ADR (artificial disc replacement) surgery to fix my severely deteriorated lumbar discs (I’ve suffered with pain from lumbar disc issues for 20


The Science Behind Dog Intelligence

The Science Behind Dog Intelligence – The effect of their partnership with humans is so great that the brain of the domestic dog is notably different to the brains of its wild relatives. Research has found evidence that dingoes perform


The Cost of Winning

The Cost of Winning – From HBO Sports and Emmy(R)-winning executive producer Michael Strahan comes this inspiring four-part series that follows the team’s against-all-odds story. Engaging and honest, The Cost of Winning intimately captures the Panthers’ everyday lives as they


Maximize Your First Trip to the Maldives

Maximize Your First Trip to the Maldives – Maldives, officially the Republic of Maldives, is an archipelagic country located in Southern Asia, situated in the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, about 750 kilometers from the


Ridiculously Priced Red Wine

Ridiculously Priced Red Wine – There are a whole bunch of reasons why a bottle of wine has a particular price tag. Ridiculously Priced Red Wine – First, the basic costs – the grapes, the production materials and labor, the bottle itself,