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- Mark Twain

Dog First Airline Pampers Dogs


Dog First Airline Pampers Dogs – The dog first airline adapting all of the benefits of public charter air travel so that they cater specifically to Spot—and his human, too.

Bark Air is here to revolutionize flying for dogs.

A 100% totally real airline for dogs.

The company offers Gulfstream G5s and the appeal of Bark Air’s “white-paw experience is clear.

The primary focus is making the dog happy and the thinking is that then the human will be very happy.

Dog First Airline Pampers Dogs

Boarding the aircraft, which is meant to fit 10 dogs of all sizes and their human companions, the pups are appropriately pampered.

A Bark Air concierge reaches out to each passenger to collect info about their dog; then, upon their arrival at the airport one hour before takeoff, the dogs can socialize with one another before their flight.

On board, the cabin is filled with items that help ease dog anxiety, like soothing music and lavender-scented towels.

Treats are plentiful, with Bark’s own concoctions available alongside “doggie Champagne” (chicken broth) and “barkaccinos” (cups of whipped cream).

Humans are served meals created by chef David Burke at the airport, while people-friendly snacks and drinks are available during the flight.

But Bark Air is really meant to make air travel more accessible and less stressful for our canine friends.

The first order is to reduce the stress and anxiety for the dog.

The dogs make it their own flight by taking over by sitting in the chairs.

The dogs and people just mixed and matched, and people fell in love with other people’s dogs.

To begin, Bark Air is flying from New York to London and Los Angeles, with plans to expand routes in the future, potentially to cities like Paris, Chicago, and Florida, Meeker said.

Already, the company has had more than 15,000 submissions for routes that passengers would like to see. But even with the limited stops—and the ticket price, which runs $6,000 for a dog and a human to travel to L.A., and $8,000 for the trip to London—Bark Air is already seeing demand for its Fido-friendly approach.


How it Works

BARK Air is here to deliver a white paw experience.

They built a flight experience for dogs first, from the ground up.

Upon booking, humans will be contacted by a BARK Air concierge to collect information about your dog and your travel plans in order to give you the best overall travel experience possible.

On the travel day, dogs and their people will arrive at the airport 1 hour before the flight for a simple, efficient check-in process and security screening – no crates, no stressful lines.

A highly skilled BARK Air concierge will welcome all pups and help them settle in to their experience through socialization at the gate and dog-centric cabin preparation.

The planes are Gulfstream G5s and are never book to their full capacity to ensure you and your dog have enough room to spread out comfortably.

The cabin will be prepped with calming aids such as: pheromone, music, warm lavender scented refreshment towels, and other comforts to help each dog feel settled.

Bark Air’s concierge will also have a ‘just in case’ bag filled with calming treats, leashes, poop bags, and more will be provided at the gate.

Once onboard, dogs are served their beverage of choice (water, bone broth, you name it),  during ascent and descent to ensure they do not experience any ear discomfort commonly caused by the change in cabin pressure.

In addition, a variety of BARK-branded treats, snacks, and surprises will be served throughout the flight experience.

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