“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”

- Mark Twain
Month: October 2020

The Temperature of Meat

The Temperature of MeatWhether cooking a burger or roast ing a pork tenderloin, you should always take the temperature of the area of the meat that will be the last to finish cooking, which is the thickest part or, in


Classic Burrito Bowl

Classic Burrito Bowl Recipe This twist on the classic burrito bowl features all your favorites-the rice, the veggies and the meat. Classic Burrito Bowl – Cilantro – Lime Rice Heat the olive oil over medium he at in a large


How Your Bernese Mountain Dog Communicate With You

How Your Bernese Mountain Dog Communicate With You – The difference is, while humans primarily use verbal communication, dogs mainly communicate non-verbally through the use of body language and secondarily through vocalizations. This body language includes tail carriage and motion,


Easy Baked Mac and Cheese

Easy Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe There’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of warm, gooey Easy Baked Mac and Cheese This easy baked Mac and Cheese Recipe is a convenient one-dishversion that is as easy as the boxed stuff


Ultimate Outdoor TV Experience

The Ultimate Outdoor TV Experience has two core elements – the cabinet and the TV. The Key is DesignSome outdoor TV enthusiasts settle for a wall mount and a cover. Others make a rack or purchase a plastic container and


Best Cacio e Pepe

Best Cacio e Pepe Recipe Cacio e pepe translates to cheese and pepper. For the pasta, spaghetti or bucatini are great choices and cook until al dente in rapidly boiling, salted water – about 3 minutes less than what the


Best Beach Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Best Beach Resorts in Cabo San Lucas – Los Cabos’ finest hotels and resorts offer much more than mere accommodation. They offer a complete lifestyle package, from golden sand beaches to five-star amenities like celebrity chefs and championship-level golf courses.


Sweet Tangy Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Sweet Tangy Pulled Chicken Sandwich Recipe SERVES 4COOKING TIME: 2 TO 3 HOURS ON LOW A simple spice mixture and a quick -to-assemble homemade barbecue sauce makes it easy to turn anytime into a slow-cooked bone-in chicken into tangy, silky


Pasta with Sausage Kale and White Beans

Pasta with Sausage Kale and White Beans Recipe This is a one-pot pasta loaded with tender bites of browned sausage, hearty kale, and creamy cannellini beans. To streamline the recipe, rather than boil the pasta separately or remove the sausage