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Appetizers from Celebrity Chefs

Appetizers from Celebrity Chefs – Wolfgang Puck’s Bruschetta, Jose Garces’s Tortilla Espanola, Alain Ducasse’s Herb Tartines, Jose Andres’s Skewers, Kenny Gilbert’s Hummus, David Myers’ Shrimp Skewers, Julian Mendina’s Tuna Cerviche. These small bites are perfect for any summer party. They’re


The Best Semi Soft Italian Cheeses

The Best Semi Soft Italian Cheeses – Fontina Semi Soft Italian Cheeses – Fontina Tasting Notes Fontina is a semi-soft cheese that originates from the north Italian Aosta valley. It has many bubbly holes in it and is creamy in


The Best Soft Italian Cheeses

The Best Soft Italian Cheeses – Burrata (very rich and creamy), Mozzarella (buffalo or cow’s mil), Ricotta (curd-style cheese), Stracciatella Many of Italy’s best cheeses are so beloved, they’ve been recognized as DOP products for their high quality, local production,


Hard Italian Cheeses

With over 400 different kinds of Italian cheese, it’s very easy to get lost in the world of Italian cheeses. Not only does each Italian region have its own varieties and production methods for cheese, but many different milks can


Basic Grilled Pizza Dough

Basic Grilled Pizza Dough – Use unbleached flour for the pizza dough because bleached flour has chlorine agents that remove nutrients such as beta-carotene from the dough. These natural nutrients add flavor, color, and more nutrition to your pizza crust.


Classic Sauces & Spreads

Classic Sauces & Spreads Include: Basil Pesto, Marina Sauce, Gruyere Cheese Sauce, Cilantro Pesto, Herbed Cream Cheese, Remoulade, Salsa Verde, Tapenade and Russian Dressing. Classic Sauces & Spreads – Sauces CLASSIC SAUCES – BASIC BASIL PESTO Place the pine nuts

Super Bowl Munchies

Super Bowl Munchies – Super Bowl LV is nearly upon us-Sunday February 2nd. Here’s a roundup of Super Bowl Munchies (and recipes) for appetizers to delight your friends. All of the Super Bowl LV food recipes below are delicious and


Classic Pasta Sauces

Classic Pasta Sauces – Regional specialties and recipes are passed from generation to generation. Embedded in each recipe is the story of the families who’ve developed it. Whether it’s a made-in-a-flash oil-based sauce or a long-simmering ragù, authentic Italian sauces


Panini Perfection – Ingredients & Technique

Panini Perfection – Ingredients Perfect panini are easy for anyone to make. Success really depends on using the best-quality ingredients that you can find. Panini Perfection – Ingredients –Bread. Bread Bread is the foundation of every panino, from the crunchy,


Top 5 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Recipes

Top 5 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Recipes – Turkey has long been the star of the Thanksgiving table. And some people have been using the same method for thawing, preparing and cooking their turkey forever. It might be time to mix