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Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America


TeMost Beautiful New Restaurants in America – As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time reflect—on all the things that matter, yes, but also on all the things that brought us joy in 2023.

For us, one of those things were the stunning restaurants that opened across the United States.

From big cities like New York and Los Angeles to lauded culinary towns like Chicago and Houston, these were the most beautiful spots we saw this year.

Enjoy the feast for your eyes.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America Anto New York City

Anto’s sleek, minimalist look is a study in materials. DESFA Group used rustic metal and tiles, solid wood, and brass to create a clean space, with natural light coming from skylights and mirrors used to make the restaurant feel even more expansive.

Pops of color are seen in bojagi, traditional Korean crafts made from fabric of different shades, as well as in an art installation depicting hibiscus flowers with an infinity lighting effect.

The spare design lets the Korean steakhouse’s menu really shine.

Bad Idea Nashville

The design of Bad Idea, by Design Object, is the complete opposite of what the restaurant’s name might suggest.

Housed in a former church sanctuary, the establishment has kept the building’s original windows and soaring ceilings, adding a horseshoe bar in the center of the space and placing comfy seating throughout.

Colorful furniture and tables are a welcome addition, and installations from the design studio New Hat offer pops of texture. Grabbing a glass of wine and checking out the space sure sounds like a good idea to us.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America Café Chelsea New York City

As the first new restaurant to open at the Hotel Chelsea in almost a century, Café Chelsea had to make a splash.

Yet the space, designed by Sean McPherson, Ira Drukier, and Richard Born, was meant to feel like it’s been part of the hotel forever.

That’s expressed via French accents like a zinc bar, vintage chandeliers, and decorative molding.

Plus, the restaurant displays art that has belonged to the historic hotel for decades, making it feel almost like you’re eating in a museum.


Che Fico Parco Menlo Park

Designing a sister restaurant can be difficult, as you want it to feel similar to yet discrete from the original location.

Che Fico Parco Menlo is an ideal example, with Jon de la Cruz creating a space with the same conviviality as the San Francisco outpost, but with an identity all its own.

Here, a six-color terrazzo floor connects the various spaces, with the main dining room’s wood paneling, red leather booths, and Murano Glass chandeliers stealing the show.

Elsewhere, a horseshoe bar shows off the restaurant’s Amari and Aperitivo, and the all-season patio is a great place to sit back with a glass of wine.

Make sure you check out the wallpaper that de la Cruz designed specifically for the space in the hallways and the restrooms.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America Copra San Francisco

Copra is truly an urban oasis.

The restaurateur Ayesha Thapar worked with Schoos Design and Studio Mood to create a space that feels like you’re in a greenhouse.

Cotton ropes and macrame drip from the ceiling, with lush greenery bringing a sense of the natural indoors.

That’s enhanced by terracotta pots, woven baskets, and more objects that nod to coastal India, which also inspires the restaurant’s cuisine.

The whole package is what made Copra our best restaurant of the year


Corzetti San Francisco

Corzetti may be in San Francisco, but its design will transport you straight to Italy.

Roy Hospitality has drawn inspiration from the gozzo boats that float in the Italian Riviera.

Here, that means two-tone leather banquettes that mimic gozzo seats, as well as portholes that run along the divider between the bar and the dining room.

Lemon wallpaper is contrasted with Ferrari-red paint, bringing some modernity to the more traditional design aspects.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America Dalida San Francisco

San Francisco’s Presidio is a nature lover’s paradise, and the team behind Dalida wanted to honor the restaurant’s setting.

To that end, Jenne Wicht of JAK W designed a space overflowing with nods to the area’s flora and fauna.

The dining tables are made of Douglas Fir; colors lean toward greens, mustards, and ecru; and site-specific murals and wallpaper installations by Emily Parkinson lend the space a garden-like aura.

If you’re not an outdoorsy person but you appreciate the world around you, this may scratch your itch for being out in nature without actually having to go camping.


Dante Beverly Hills

A rooftop bar and restaurant in Los Angeles is already bound to be stunning thanks to the views. Dante Beverly Hills rivals that with its design, though.

The New York transplant—designed by Nathalie Hudson and Sarah Luhtala—has embraced a California cool, with a pool and verdant greens outside.

In the dining room, an overhead fresco by the L.A.-based artist Abel Macias depicts local wildlife with a nod to Italian art traditions. Inside or out, you’ll be treated to simply delightful scenery.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America Green Point Seafood & Oyster Bar Dallas

True to its name, Green Point Seafood & Oyster Bar is decked out in multiple shades of green and blue-green, evident most vividly in the show-stopping 24-seat bar with mint and white zellige tiles.

The wood paneling throughout helps bring some additional texture to the space, designed by Danyce Bonebrake and Lauren Doan.

And a hallway leading to the restroom leans into the restaurant’s beach-town inspiration (Green Point, South Africa, the namesake city).

There’s cheeky wallpaper, a custom surfboard, and a framed print of Ernest Hemingway on his boat.

Imagine the author sidling up to the bar for a strong drink and some seafood.


Juliet Los Angeles

Jeremiah Brent is well known for his interior-design prowess, but usually he’s working on residential projects.

Juliet, the Parisian-inspired restaurant in L.A., is his first hospitality project, and it benefits from his keen eye.

The walk-up marble bar is a particular standout, as are the wicker-covered arches and the saffron banquettes.

Embroidered light fixtures and the black, white, and oxblood tile near the entrance lend some Parisian flair, and we can’t help but love the fun, curvy wood tables.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America La Dolce Vita Beverly Hills

Back in the 1960s, La Dolce Vita was the playground for Frank Sinatra and other classic Hollywood stars.

In its new incarnation, designed by Victoria Gillet of We Are Dada, the restaurant pays homage to that era, while incorporating modern touches like cheetah-print carpet, emerald walls, and mirrored columns.

Vintage furniture and objects are truly of the period, and the restaurant worked with Sinatra’s family to display a lithograph created and signed by the crooner himself. If only these walls could talk.


Lowland Charleston

Whether you’re opting for a more casual dining experience or a full-on tasting menu, Lowland has thoughtfully designed its two rooms to match the vibe of each.

Downstairs, at Lowland Tavern, Method Studios has brought together local antiques with the building’s original 12-pane windows to evoke an English pub.

And upstairs, the more formal dining room is centered around an intimate mahogany bar, with a hand-painted mural of Spanish moss around bald cypress trees (by Dean Barger Studios) wrapping the entire room.

Feel free to cozy up at one of the restaurant’s many restored wood-burning fireplaces, too.


Most Beautiful New Restaurants in America Olivine Maui

The tropical island vibes are strong at Olivine, designed by Tihany Design to incorporate the hues of Positano, whose flavors are found in the food.

Greens, yellows, blues, and pinks are found everywhere from the seats to the tile-top tables to the light fixtures.

The colorful accents are complemented by wooden pavilions, which bring a touch of nature into the space as well.

The oceanfront setting, seen through the large windows, simply feels like an expansion of the interiors.


7 Adams San Francisco

San Francisco is home to many nautical-themed restaurants, given that the city sits among the water.

7 Adams takes that inspiration and makes it much more chic, though.

Martin Chadwick Kellogg of Kellogg Architects has designed a space that feels like an elegant ship.

The walls are covered in walnut paneling, while tones of charcoal, cream, and blue-gray nod to the open ocean and the sky.

Lighting is particularly important to the ambience, with illuminated recesses meant to feel like eroding boulders or passing clouds, and white sconces with curvature that mimics sails out on the water.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about getting seasick here.

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