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Watch Payback on BritBox


Watch Payback on BritBox – LA Woman Gets Caught Up In A Crime Boss’ Business After Her Husband Is Murdered


Storyline for Payback on BritBox

Lexie Noble (Morven Christie) is making sure her new au pair, Doris Szabo (Eileen Duffy) is doing the job.

Her husband, Jared (Thoren Ferguson) tries to reassure her as he gets ready for a morning jog before he sets out to work from home.

As he gets ready, he sees that over £2 million hitting an account he’s monitoring.

This is after we see that much in cash being carried out by a courier and brought to a bank.

Lexie says she’s going to the gym, but is actually following Doris to make sure she brings the kids to the park.

On her way back from there, she sees Jared outside a news agent store; he’s surrounded by hooded teens and comes out of it with a fatal stab wound.

At the same time, Police Scotland DC Jibran Khan (Prasanna Puwanarajah) is monitoring a transaction for a private island; he has intel that hotel and restaurant magnate Cal Morris (Peter Mullan) is bidding on it anonymously.

Given the dealings Morris has had in the past, DC Khan is pretty sure making the connection between Cal and the bid will let them trace the money back to its source.

One problem: The last payment of over £2 million doesn’t go through before the deadline.


Episodes of Payback on BritBox

Lexie Noble’s stable family life is is jeopardised when her husband Jared is attacked.

Watch Payback on BritBox S1.E2
Lexie agrees to help crime boss Cal with a transaction. A shocking discovery puts her family in danger and she’s forced further into his world.

To spy Cal’s business empire, Lexie plays dangerous game to keep her children safe until a secret from her past risk’s her future security.

Watch Payback on BritBox S1.E4
Abandoned by the police Lexie edges closer finding Cal’s money. But her worst nightmare becomes a reality when he decides to teach her a lesson.

A shocking revelation in Vilnius leads to a confrontation with the brutal reality of Cal’s world.

But when a lucky discovery opens up a possible escape, will Lexie dare risk it?

Watch Payback on BritBox S1.E6
An unexpected visit to the Isle of Eris turns Lexie’s world upside down as she discovers truth about Jared’s Death.

She must make a decision when the police offers her to choose between Fight for freedom or bring Jared’s Killer to justice.

Watch Payback on BritBox

At first glance, Payback seems like a standard British crime thriller.

There’s a murder, and an investigation, and ancillary people involved that may or may not have anything to do with the case.

But Payback flips things a bit; it’s told from the perspective of two people who weren’t directly involved in the murder at the show’s center, but they certainly want to know exactly what happened, and for very different reasons.

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