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Best Gifts for Grill Masters


Best Gifts for Grill Masters – Everything you need for people who enjoy cooking outdoors.

Perfectly cooking a steak on a stovetop requires science.

Smoking a hunk of meat over a live fire requires instinct.

Best Gifts for Grill Masters – Grilling is more art than efficiency, and for lovers of the form sparking one up is certainly more fun than turning on an oven.

This year, we recommend gifting the grillers in your life something they can really use.

Best Gifts for Grill Masters – High-end smoker setups, thick cuts of beef begging to be charred, durable tools that can handle the workload, and more.


Best Gifts for Grill Masters – Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub

Drip EZ’s BBQ Prep Tub is a cutting board-meets-Tupperware container-meets-cooler.

This multi-use plastic gadget starts out flat to act as a prep station cutting board (and for easy storage).

Then it expands to a 20-inch-high tub with a detachable lid.

You can marinate your meat in it like you would a large bowl, use it for applying dry rub while containing the mess, transport prepared ingredients to your grill via the carrying handles, and store stuff in it after cooking.

Once cleaned, you can even fill it with ice and use it as a cooler.

Buy Drip EZ BBQ Prep Tub $34 >>


Hammer Stahl BBQ Knife Set

If you’re working outside, you need a versatile set of knives.

The Hammer Stahl BBQ Knife Set includes five, made of German-forged stainless steel, which could take on any job you may encounter.

The set includes a 4.5-inch utility knife, six-inch boning knife, eight-inch chef’s knife, 10-inch slicer, and 10-inch curved scimitar, plus a handsome leather knife roll for easy transport to and from your prep station.

Buy Hammer Stahl BBQ Knife Set $270 >>


Best Gifts for Grill Masters – Lodge Cast-Iron Grill Basket

There is a better way to cook veggies and shellfish on the grill than just setting them on pieces of aluminum foil.

Lodge’s cast-iron grill basket allows you to effortlessly char-grill smaller items without the threat of them falling through the grates.

The basket’s unique design includes teardrop holes cut out of the bottom of the pan.

That way, live flames can still kiss your food and impart that singed flavor you love.

The 12-inch cast iron basket has two easy-to-maneuver handles and an easy-release, even-heating finish that only gets better with age.

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Williams Sonoma Black-Handled BBQ Tool Set with Storage Case

Equipped with all the essentials, our set of professional-quality tools brings out everyone’s inner grill master.

Each tool is forged from stainless steel for durability with a rounded, tapered black handle for comfort and control.

This set includes a heavy-duty steel case for transport and storage.

Set includes slotted spatula, fork, tongs, basting brush and stainless-steel storage case.

Tools are forged of durable stainless steel.

Extra-long synthetic handles keep hands away from heat.

Leather loops allow hanging storage; tongs have steel loop.

Basting brush has silicone bristles.

Williams Sonoma Black-Handled BBQ Tool Set with Storage Case $159.95 >>


Best Gifts for Grill Masters – BBQ Dragon Double Extreme Grill Lights

If you’re grilling after dark, you need to create your own light, both for vetting your cook and protecting your eyebrow hair.

Flashlights are cumbersome, head lamps destroy your coif.

BBQ Dragon’s snake-like grill lights clamp onto any type of cooker and their super bright LED lamps can be twisted and positioned to illuminate every corner of your cooking surface.

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Looftlighter X Cordless

No matter how natural your fuel is—charcoal, briquettes, hardwood logs—you’ll inevitably have to introduce lighter fluid or toxic chemicals to get it ablaze.

Enter the Looftlighter X Cordless, a rechargeable lighter that superheats air to 1,200 degrees F in 60 seconds and then blasts it onto your fuel of choice to spark it up.

After ignition, the all-electric device can be switched to “air mode” to quickly fan the flames, boosting heat, and glow.

Buy Looftlighter X Cordless $150 >>


Best Gifts for Grill Masters – Napoleon Prestige Pro 825

Sure, your grill can cook.

While not the most impressive feature of Napoleon’s Prestige Pro 825, its light-up control knobs are certainly the most fun: Outfitted with LED Spectrum lights, they can glow in practically any color and cycle through the rainbow on their own.

As a bonus safety feature, they will switch to red if you accidentally leave the gas on.

The Prestige Pro 825 can run on propane or natural gas, includes scorching-hot infrared burners on the bottom and rear, and a side burner, totaling 1,430 square inches of cooking space.

That’s enough space to cook 51 burgers at the same time.

An integrated wood chips smoker tray is camouflaged as a control knob, and slides out so you can fill it with chips and add just a hint of smoky flavor to your meal, without having to fill your yard with smog.

Buy Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 $5K >>


Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill

Bring the theatrics of an Argentine asado home with Kalamazoo’s Gaucho.

This wood-fired grill has an attached 30-inch spoked wheel, which you spin to raise and lower the cooking rack to the flame.

The grates have a vertical range of 28 inches, guaranteeing a precise cook.

Gas burners get your fire roaring in less than five minutes.

And the Gaucho includes a motorized, built-in rotisserie spit that’s hefty enough to hold an entire animal for roasting.

It can be used simultaneously as you grill.

And as shown above, you can integrate the grill into an impressive outdoor kitchen from Kalamazoo.

Add a couple of bottles of Malbec to the dinner table and you’ve delivered dinner, drinks, and a show.

Buy Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill $32K >>

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