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Watch American Rust on ShowTime


Watch American Rust on ShowTime – American Rust is a Showtime drama series created by Dan Futterman based on the novel of the same name by Philipp Meyer.

A compelling family drama that will explore the tattered American dream through the eyes of complicated and compromised chief of police Del Harris (Daniels) in a Rust Belt town in southwest Pennsylvania.

Watch American Rust on ShowTime – Background

Watch American Rust on ShowTime – Based on Philipp Meyer’s 2009 novel of the same name, ‘American Rust’ is a thriller-drama series set in a dying town in the Rust Belt where people struggle with addiction and poverty. The murder of one of its residents sends the town further spiraling out of control. Police Chief Del Harris, in charge of keeping peace in the town, discovers that the son of the woman he loves might be the one who committed the murder. He realizes that each of his decisions will now have both personal and public ramifications. If you are wondering what is in store for you in the fifth episode of ‘American Rust,’ we got you covered.

Watch American Rust on ShowTime – The plot revolves around an apparent homicide in the depressed Pennsylvania town of Buell (shades of the extremely Emmy-nominated Mare of Easttown) and touches upon a litany of relevant social and political issues including, but not limited to, the failing economy, the opioid epidemic and the lack of labor protections. These narratives unfold in exquisitely detailed sets, on which every paint job is chipped and peeled to perfection, and are captured in shades of rust brown and gunmetal gray against a perpetually cloudy sky.


Watch American Rust on ShowTime – Run Down

American Rust is a compelling family drama and a timeless story told through the eyes of complicated and compromised chief of police Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) of a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town full of good people making bad choices.

Watch American Rust on ShowTime – it follows a murder case that stirs the residents of a fictional town called Buell in the American Rust Belt – an economical region in the Northeastern and Midwest United States, extending from the eastern parts of Illinois and Wisconsin to the north and western parts of Pennsylvania and New York, covering several states that led the country’s manufacturing industries for decades in the 20th century.

Watch American Rust on ShowTime – Episodes

The Mill

In a small rust-belt town in southwest Pennsylvania, Chief of Police Del Harris investigates after a dead body turns up in an abandoned steel mill.

Happy Returns

Harris’ investigation continues; Isaac leaves town; Billy and Lee reunite; Buell celebrates a shotgun wedding.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Grace enlists help in her effort to unionize the dressmakers; the sheriff gets an anonymous tip about the murder in the steel mill.

My Name is Billy

Isaac befriends someone who teaches him the rules of the road; the sheriff searches for evidence in Billy and Grace’s trailer; Billy tells Lee what happened in the steel mill.

Jojo Ameri-GO

Harris races the clock in his search for the anonymous eyewitness; Lee seeks professional advice about whom to protect; Harris’ old Pittsburgh PD partner pays him a visit.

Debt Collection

Alejandro learns of Lee’s history with Billy; Isaac turns his first trick solo; Harris travels back to Pittsburgh with his old partner to repay a debt.

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Watch American Rust on ShowTime Cast

Jeff Daniels As Del Harris

Jeff Daniels stars in American Rust as Del Harris, Buell’s chief of police. Daniels is known for his acting roles in Ragtime (1981), Steve Jobs (2019), 101 Dalmatians (1996), and Dumb and Dumber (1994) alongside Jim Carrey. He has appeared on several television shows including Saturday Night Live, Hawaii Five-O, and Frasier. Daniels also served as an executive producer on American Rust.

Maura Tierney As Grace Poe

Maura Tierney plays Grace Poe, Del’s love interest. Tierney is perhaps best known for playing Abby Lockheart in the medical drama series ER and is recognizable for her roles in films such as Liar Liar (1997), Baby Mama (2008), and Insomnia (2002). The actress also appeared alongside Timothée Chalamet in the 2018 film Beautiful Boy, in which she plays the concerned stepmother of a teenager who is addicted to drugs. Tierney won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her supporting role in the television series The Affair, which also stars Ruth Wilson and Dominic West.

Alex Neustaedter As Billy Poe

Alex Neustaedter plays Grace’s son, Billy, who becomes involved in the crime. Neustaedter has previously appeared in films such as Ithaca (2015) and Walking Out (2017). He is known for his role as Bram Bowman in the television series Colony, a dystopian drama that premiered on the USA Network in 2016.

David Alvarez As Isaac English

David Alvarez plays Isaac English, Billy’s best friend who longs to escape his hometown. Alvarez is a dancer and actor who starred in the 2008 Broadway production of Billy Elliot. He has also been in several short films and will appear as Bernardo Vasquez in the upcoming film West Side Story, which is scheduled for release in December 2021.

Bill Camp As Henry English

Bill Camp appears as Isaac and Lee’s ailing father in American Rust. Camp is known for his film roles in 2019’s Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Birdman (2014), and 12 Years A Slave (2013). He also appeared in Netflix’s popular 2020 miniseries The Queen’s Gambit.

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