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Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Tips


Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Tips – Fall may not seem like an ideal time to think about yard care, considering that you do not spend as much time outdoors and there is inclimate weather. However, fall and spring are critical times to perform maintenance for your lants, shrubs and trees to provide for beautiful growth next spring, summer and fall.

Fall’s cool and moist weather helps plants, shrubs and tree roots develop much better than in summer, and taking advantage of this growing period will pay big dividends next year. Here are yard maintenance care steps that’ll help make your landscaping look amazing next year.

Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Tips – Water when needed. Autumn rain results in less evaporation, providing plenty of natural moisture for plants, shrubs and trees to sustain itself. Even so, you should keep tabs on how much water your plants ad shrubs are getting with a rain gauge or simply stick your finger and inc or two down into the soil to see if it is wet or dry.

Rake leaves under plants, shrubs and trees often as they are a breeding ground for insects, mold and mushrooms. When leaves fall and accumulate, they block out sunlight and can prevent plants, shrubs and trees from making food. Additionally, the soggy moisture they hold can lead to lawn fungi.

Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Tips – Apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to plants, shrubs and trees. If you want your plants, shrubs and trees to look better and be healthier, fertilize in the fall and spring. This process will give your plants, shrubs and trees plenty of nutrients to get it through the winter and help them to grow stronger in spring.
Keep up with lawn pest control. Insects that live in your plants, shrubs and trees now can cause serious problems once it starts growing after winter ends. If you notice a lawn pest problem on your plants, shrubs and trees, take care of it in early fall to limit the damage. You can apply a pesticide, or reach out to us to identify and eliminate pests.

Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Tips- Keep a Tight Schedule. All of these fall and spring plant, shrubs and trees care steps must be performed like clockwork. If you seed and fertilize too close to winter, the soil won’t be able to take in nutrients. Aerate while it’s still too hot out, and the process will not be nearly as effective.

Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Tools

Fall Plant-Shrub-and-Tree-Care-Tree-Shrub-Carona-Pruner

Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner with 1 Inch Cutting Capacity, 1″

MaxFORGED tools use a forging process that compacts steel molecules into Corona’s strongest, most durable garden cutting tools that hold a sharp edge longer than standard tools

Resharpenable and Replaceable Blade: Corona heat treats the entire tool and cutting blade so you can re-sharpen the blade, while retaining its hardness and strength, Season after Season.

Blade is also replaceable for further life of the tool.

Clean Cuts: the blade and hook of this tool are hand matched for precision, ensuring close and clean cuts.

Sap Groove: The narrow profile hook allows for greater access to tight cutting areas and the sap groove removes debris for a smooth cutting action.

1 Inch Cut Capacity: best suited for large and medium sized hands.

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Fall Plant-Shrub-and-Tree-Care-Tree-Shrub-Carona-Lopper

Corona Compound Action Anvil Lopper, 32 Inch, FL 3420

Corona Compound Action Anvil Looper are long-handled pruning shears that require two hands to use, providing additional leverage while making large cuts.

Loppers are useful for pruning hard-to-reach or thorny growth and cutting up discarded branches for the green waste bin.

1 1/2″ CUT CAPACITY: 4 bar compound linkage triples your cutting power.

32″ DURABLE FIBERGLASS HANDLES: Extra long 8″ non-slip foam grips.


BLADE: Blade can be sharpened. Blade and anvil are replaceable.

DESIGNED AND BUILT FOR PROFESSIONAL GRADE APPLICATIONS: Stands up to daily wear and tear, season after season.

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Fall Plant-Shrub-and-Tree-Care-Tree-Shrub-Carona-Shears

Corona HS 3950 Extendable Hedge Shear, 10-Inch Blade

Founded in the early 1920S, Corona is a leader in the marketing & manufacturing of professional & consumer tools for the Lawn & garden, landscape, irrigation, construction & agriculture markets.

Corona proven designs, quality manufacturing processes & unparalleled customer service make it the best choice in tools for contractors, agricultural professionals & avid gardeners alike.

Lightweight steel handles with comfort grips extend from 15-Inch to 26″.

8.5″ forged high carbon steel blades for durability and strength.

ShockStop bumper reduces and arm and shoulder fatigue.

Precision made pivot bolt provides smooth cutting action
Limited lifetime warranty.

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Fall Plant-Shrub-and-Tree-Care-Tree-Shrub-Carona-Foldable-Hand-Saw

Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

3 SIDED RAZOR TEETH FOR EFFICIENT CUTTING: 10″ blade is ideal for cutting 5″ – 6″ diameter, small to medium, branches


MOLDED HANDLE: Provides a comfortable grip for extended use


USE: Folding blade is curved, taper-ground, and replaceable

IMPULSE HARDENED TEETH FOR LONG SERVICE LIFE: Extends the life of the tool season after season


FOR FASTER CUTTING: Cuts are smoother and quicker than a traditional saw.

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Fall Plant-Shrub-and-Tree-Care-Tree-Shrub-Carona-Pole-Tree-Saw

Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH DualCOMPOUND Action 14-ft. Tree Pruner

Ideal pruner for heavy-duty orchard pruning
14-foot compound action tree pruner with steel blade.

Comfortable 24-inch foam grip.

Exclusive powerglide rope pull system and curved 13-inch razor tooth saw blade.

With the pull of the rope handle, Corona’s Chain Drive DualCOMPOUND action pulley system triples the cutting power of this 14 foot tree pruner.

Heavy duty die-cast zinc alloy pruning head hooks onto branches up to 1 1/4 inches in diameter and slices through the branches.

Fully heat treated, PTFE non-stick, cutlery steel cutting blade.

Each whetstone-ground MAX RazorTOOTH on the saw blade is sharpened on three sides for a blade that cuts twice as fast as a conventional saw blade and the teeth are impulse hardened for a longer life.

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Standard Golf Garden Landscape Rake

The Garden Landscape Debris Rake from Standard Golf is perfect to clean leaves, sticks and other debris from under shrubs, bushes, trees and other hard to reach lawn and garden areas.

A perfect addition to your landscape and lawn rake collection.

47″ wood handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Gusseted head adds extra strength.

Head and handle pack into one both regardless of head size (9 or 21 inches).

Combo package ships two (2) handles and one each of the 9″ and 21″ head.

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Fall Plant Shrub and Tree Care Fertilizers & Supplements


BIOADVANCED 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed, Insect Killer and Fertilizer

12 MONTH PROTECTION: With just one application, kills listed insects and prevents new infestations for up to a year

NSECT & PEST KILLER: Kills Japanese Beetles, Emerald Ash Borers, Adelgids, Leafminers, Aphids, and more

SLOW-RELEASE FERTILIZER: Plant food and fertilizer improves the health of your trees and shrubs

SYSTEMIC PROTECTION: Protects your potted and outdoor trees and shrubs from the roots to the stem of every leaf

Kills damaging insects like Adelgids, Emerald Ash Borers, adult Japanese Beetles, Whiteflies and other listed pests with no spraying

Slow-release nitrogen fertilizer moves systemically from roots to branch tips

Prevents new insect infestations for up to 1 year plus provides season-long nutrition to promote plant health and growth

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Ironite 100519460 1-0-1 Mineral Supplement/Fertilizer

Fully chelated for correction of chlorosis (yellowing leaves). Active Ingredients: Chelated Iron, Chelated Zinc

Ironize II 1-0-1 5M 15lb.

The item is manufactured in United States.

The nation’s leading mineral supplement. Greening up America’s lawns for over 50 years.

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Liquinox 3128 Iron Zinc

Fully chelated for correction of chlorosis (yellowing leaves). Active Ingredients: Chelated Iron, Chelated Zinc

Fully chelated for correction of chlorosis (yellowing leaves)
Active Ingredients: Chelated Iron, Chelated Zinc
New England Pottery product
Iron zinc is an essential blend of fully chelated iron and fully chelated zinc
Designed for correction of chlorosis yellowing leaves
This fully chelated solution does not contain sulfates
It is readily available to the plants and may be used in both foliar and soil applications
Comes in 1-gallon

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