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Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Know Their Size


Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Know Their Size – Some Berner puppies may look smaller or larger, taller or shorter, or have a slighter or bulkier build, or a longer or shorter coat compared to another Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Your only focus should be on on keeping your Berner puppy happy, healthy and trained. Genes your Berner pup inherited from his mother and father and ancestors control how your dog will look as an adult Berner. Make the most of the genetic potential your pup inherited. Provide your pup with adequate nutrition and physical conditioning (exercise) during development. Most Berners do not reach their adult height and weight until they are 2 or 3 years old. Berners continue to ‘flesh out’ and add substance and bulk well into their middle years.


Bernese Mountain Dogs Compared to Miniature Dachshund

According to AKC standards, a “standard” Dachshund is a dog that weighs 16 to 32 pounds, while a “miniature” Dachshund is a dog that weighs 11 pounds or less.

There is also an unofficial “tweenie” size Dachshund, but this size is not recognized by the AKC.

AKC Breed Popularity: Ranks 12 of 197
Height: 8-9 inches (standard), 5-6 inches (miniature)
Weight: 16-32 pounds (standard), 11 pounds & under (miniature)
Life Expectancy: 12-16 years

Low to ground, long in body and short of leg, with robust muscular development; the skin is elastic and pliable without excessive wrinkling. Appearing neither crippled, awkward, nor cramped in his capacity for movement, the Dachshund is well-balanced with bold and confident head carriage and intelligent, alert facial expression. His hunting spirit, good nose, loud tongue and distinctive build make him well-suited for below-ground work and for beating the bush. His keen nose gives him an advantage over most other breeds for trailing.


Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Know Their Size – Bernese Mountain Dog is Larger Than Owner

The Berner likes to be with family.

In addition to being strikingly good-looking, the Berner has a wonderful temperament. They’re known for being loyal, affectionate, eager to please, and intelligent. They’re easy to train, if you allow them time to analyze what you want them to do. Most of all, they have a happy-go-lucky attitude about life.

The Berner is calm but gregarious, and sometimes even a little goofy when they play with family. They do well with children of all ages and with adults


Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Aware of Their Size

When it comes to size perception as it pertains to one dog determining the size of other dogs, two aids were used in testing; visual and audio. The name of the experiment was the “Taylor Experiment” and here’s how it went down. Toy “stuffed” dogs were put in the line of a dog’s vision. Next, a recording of either a large dog or a small dog growling was played.

The scientists reported that the dog being tested consistently looked at the stuffed animal that was closer in size to the recording being played. So much so that if the small stuffed was present when the big dog recording was played, the dog being tested didn’t even glance toward the stuffed animal. The dogs knew the sound wasn’t right for the size of the stuffed dog. Hence, no threat was even perceived.

The conclusion drawn from the Taylor Experiment is that dogs use both vision and hearing to determine the size of another dog. This ability to match visual and acoustic cues was a level of cognitive thinking once only attributed to primates.


Why Berners Snuggle With Other Dogs

Dogs plop themselves on top of each other for a few reasons. Dogs learned to pile as puppies, they demonstrate dominance, or they’re having a grand ole time playing. If your dogs sit on each other when sleeping or resting, chances are they are huddled with the wants of warmth and companionship in mind.

A dog starts learning survival skills when he is born and in a litter. His littermates are a puppy’s first pack and that’s when the life skills begin.

You may have seen adorable piles of puppies all snuggled together and on top of each other. This is how they sleep. They gain warmth, companionship, security, and comfort when they’re huddled together.

This behavior is important if a dog is to survive outdoor conditions that include cold weather and predators. Learning pack behavior is necessary for survival.

If your dogs sit on each other when sleeping or resting, chances are they are huddled with the wants of warmth and companionship in mind.


Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Know Their Size – Berners As Parents

The Bernese Mountain dog temperament is one of sweetness and calmness overall. These dogs are known to be great family dogs and can be especially patient and gentle with young children.

Most Bernese Mountain Dogs are peaceful and sociable with other animals. But some Bernese males are aggressive toward other male dogs. Responsive to obedience training in a slow, good-natured way, this sensitive breed should be handled kindly, with much praise and encouragement.


Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Know Their Size – Berner Puppies Are Confident

There are dogs that are friendly with humans but that does not actually suggest that they are friendly with other pet dogs. Hence, it is important to know more about the breed’s temperament and traits when choosing the perfect addition to the household.

Here are a few breeds that are known to mesh with other dogs and considered dog friendly breeds.
Top 5 Dog Friendly Breeds

Labrador Retriever – Friendly, gentle, smart and excited to satisfy, the Labrador Retriever is an ideal hunting companion and family dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog – A dog breed that is calm, sensitive, and is fantastic with other animals. They are also incredibly good with kids and strangers.

Golden Retriever – With their gleaming golden-colored coat and their charming nature, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds and they are very welcoming with everyone and that includes dogs, cats and other household pets.

Havenese – These dogs are very playful and affectionate towards well, nearly everyone which does include other dogs and non-canine pets.

Beagle – This strong small hound dog with its love for great outdoors is delighted to be around people and just about everyone. It loves comradeship of both humans and other dogs. When socialized early, beagles are fantastic around other non-canine pets too.

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