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Bernese Mountain Dog Videos


Dogs love to crawl into your lap for hugs, cuddles and kisses, and there’s no reason that should change if they happen to grow up to be bigger than you. These dogs don’t seem to know just how big they are or how old they are and that is a huge plus. Big dogs tend to have more joint and heart diseases, especially at older ages, so they could use lots of love.

Bernese Mountain Dog Videos – Lola & Cleo

There may be many reasons as to why dogs participate in wrestling but the most common reasoning is for play and communication. When dogs wrestle, it is for fun when both their tails are wagging and they take turns being in control and chasing each other.

Sometimes when dogs go to get their energy out, it can come across as a bit violent and crazy and you may have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Yet, to them, they are having a blast getting their energy out and trying to be their playful selves.

When puppies are growing, they are learning the ways of life from their mother, as well as any animals that they are around. Wrestling and playfulness is something that animals participate in throughout their life, from the time they are a puppy to when they become an older dog. They easily learn that wrestling is a way of communication and it is a way of having fun.

Bernese Mountain Dog Videos – Fenway

Puppies will chew, particularly when they are getting their adult teeth. Corrective action (no and provide what can be chewed – a bone, toy, etc.)

It’s a best practice to crate your Berner when ever you are not at home – an hour max and then gradually increase to a max of 3-4 hours during the day.

Besides saving your house it is for her own good. Your Berner will consume so many things if you are not watching: rocks, sheet rock, shoes, remotes, the legs of a table, the baseboard, plastic bags, rubber ducks, socks, rags, panties and socks. The end result can be surgery so it is serious biz.

Bernese Mountain Dog Videos – Lola & Cleo

Every shift and movement a dog makes is a form of communication. Just as we have a code of ethics of how to act with each other, so do dogs. Play has a form of rules and if a dog does not follow it, someone could get hurt and there may be issues.

Emotions may be shown during these times, and dogs can recognize this. Other forms of wrestling may even be used to settle an “argument,” and to see which dog receives a certain toy or food first. Mounting may be a form of this and whoever is on the bottom may be submitting to the loss of this “argument.” If things get aggressive, you may see one dog try to stay away or not fight.

You may also hear dogs making sounds that are different such as whining like they are hurting. This is when the wrestling has changed from play or gentle communication to something that can be an issue. It is important to watch over your dog during this time. 

Bernese Mountain Dog Videos – Fenway & Lola

According to the AKC, the Bernese Mountain Dog’s intelligence, strength and agility helped him perform the drafting and droving work in the mountainous area where he originated. His long silky coat kept him warm in the frigid region.

Today, this versatile breed participates in conformation, obedience, carting, agility, tracking, herding and therapy work.

A fun game to play with the breed in the snow is something I like to call the “Winter Wonder Maze.” After shoveling in a linear maze-like pattern, place his favorite treats at different points and let him track and retrieve his reward.

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