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Binge Watch Deadwater Fell


Binge Watch Deadwater Fell – Tragedy strikes a close-knit community in Scotland when a home burns to the ground and a mother and her three children tragically succumb to the flames.


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When a seemingly perfect and happy family is murdered by someone they knew and trusted, cracks appear on the surface of a supposedly idyllic community.

David Tennant (Broadchurch) and Cush Jumbo (The Good Wife) star in this “complex and fascinating mystery” (Radio Times) about a tragedy that tears apart a Scottish town.

The couple seems to have the perfect life in Scotland, but everything changes one evening.

A fire destroys their home and that events shakes the foundations of the friendships with their neighbors.

Matthew McNulty (Versailles) also stars.


Episodes of Deadwater Fell

David Tennant plays the grief-stricken GP in this Scottish-set tale of a tragedy shrouded in mystery.

When his family die in an awful incident, the ensuing investigation sends ripples through the whole community.

Episodes of Deadwater Fell – Episode 1

Married couple Tom and Kate have a happy life in their small Scottish town with their best friends, Jess and Steve-until a fire ravages Tom and Kate’s home one night.

Episodes of Deadwater Fell 2

In the fire’s aftermath, Tom recounts his family life to the police. Jess supports Tom through the funeral but soon has cause to reconsider her relationship with him.

Episodes of Deadwater Fell 3

Armed with new evidence and a witness, the police bring Tom in for questioning.

When his story doesn’t add up, they arrest him, but Tom believes Steve is setting him up.

Episodes of Deadwater Fell 4

Tom is out on bail, but the community is frosty towards him, and a confrontation with Steve inflames tensions. Steve confides in Jess what Kate told him after the crash.

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