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Suspect on BritBox via Prime


Suspect on BritBox via Prime – Psychological drama starring James Nesbitt, Joely Richardson, Ben Miller and Richard E. Grant. A veteran detective sets out on an agonizing mission to uncover the truth about his daughter’s death.


Suspect Plot on BritBox via Prime

Veteran detective Danny Frater is called to a hospital mortuary to identify a corpse only to find it is his estranged daughter.

Traumatized by the news she took her own life, Frater sets out to discover the truth about her death.

Suspect attempts to shake up the format we’re all so comfortable with. The story’s short (each episode clocks in at under half an hour), and intense installments primarily focus on a single pair of characters.

While a grieving father desperate for answers provides the emotional through-line that ties them all together, the segments build like puzzle pieces toward a more significant conclusion.

James Nesbitt (Bloodlands) stars as veteran detective Danny Taylor, devastated when he turns up at a hospital mortuary for a routine ID check to discover the corpse of his estranged daughter Christina.

Refusing to accept the coroner’s report that says her death was likely a suicide, he sets out on a dangerous investigation to try and uncover the events that led to her demise.

Each of the series’ eight episodes of Suspect on BritBox via Prime sees Danny conduct a separate cross-examination with a different suspect or witness, building suspense and allowing viewers to watch the investigation unfold in real time.

As he interrogates those closest to his daughter—her partner, best friend, business associate, godfather, mentor, and mother — Danny attempts to piece together the truth of Christina’s dark and complicated life.

At the same time, he’ll be forced to confront his own failings as a father and the role he himself may have played in her death.

Struggling to make sense of a mass of contradictory testimony and circumstantial evidence, Danny must decide who, if anyone, is responsible for Christina’s demise and what he’s going to do about it.


Suspect Episodes on BritBox via Prime

Suspect on Britbox via Prime – S1, Ep1
Jaded police detective Danny Frater goes to a mortuary for what he thinks will be a routine ID check only to discover the body is that of his estranged daughter.

He questions the pathologist’s conclusion of death by suicide.

S1, Ep2
Danny visits the apartment where the body he had earlier identified as his daughter Christina was found and begins to discover more about her complicated life.

He questions Christina’s wife Nicola.

Suspect on Britbox via Prime – S1, Ep3
Bruised by his encounter with Nicola, Danny goes to The Crimson Orchid gentleman’s club to look for Christina’s best friend Maia – who Nicola accused of corrupting Christina.

S1, Ep4
Danny decides to go against the advice of Maia and go alone to meet with Christina’s supplier – who turns out to be Jaisal Batra, a corrupt ex-cop turned club owner.

Suspect on Britbox via Prime – S1, Ep5
Danny goes to confront his former police partner Ryan, but he does not mention the CCTV footage and it soon becomes clear that his old friend is hiding something from him.

S1, Ep6
Danny sets off for a showdown with the man he believes is Christina’s killer – the suave and ruthless entrepreneur and investor Harry Carr.

Suspect on Britbox via Prime – S1, Ep7
After all that he has learned about his daughter’s death it is time for a subdued Danny to return to the hospital mortuary to say a final goodbye to Christina in the company of his ex-wife Susannah.

S1, Ep8
Danny turns up on Jackie’s doorstep to demand to know why the evidence of foul play that he has uncovered over the course of the evening wasn’t mentioned in her post-mortem report.

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