“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”

- Mark Twain

Milo The Berner


Milo The Berner was our first Bernese Mountain Dog and he came into our lives in the fall of 2002 via Sunshine Breeders in Redding. We really did not know too much about the breed other than they were big and mellow. When we described the type of Bernese Mountain Dog puppy we wanted we simply said show dog quality but a floor mat and that is pretty much what we received.

We were able to pick Milo The Berner up when he was 8 weeks old (about 14 pounds) – he was born December 3, 2002. Even at that age, his paws were huge. Milo gained approximately 2 – 2 1/2 pounds per week for the first six months. In fact, his head grew quickly and Milo had to give up sticking his head between the rungs in the railing – after he got his head stuck.

Milo The Berner lived a long life (average age for Bernese Mountain dogs a decade ago was about 6-8 years) as he enjoyed ten years, one month and one day of being the Best Berner Ever.

The most effective therapy in the world is a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy licking your face.

Milo-The-Berner - Milo's-Favorite-Things

Milo The Berner – Milo’s Favorite Things

Pizza crust!
Filet mignon on my birthday – ribeye if they cheap out
Cheeseburgers (In and Out and Super Duper)
Car rides- preferably the convertible with the top down
Farting – silent and very deadly
Being brushed
Cold weather – the snow!
Being part of anything
Lying on the couch
Lying on “the mats” or in the doorway–just to be in the way
Having my ear rubbed or scratched
Being pet
Dog sitters
Carrying my leash in my mouth during walks
Lying next to PB’s side of the bed


Milo The Berner – My Favorite Things Milo Did

Jumping in the driver’s seat of the Range Rover when the door opened
Nipping Ricky in the ass when Ricky got me riled up
When I barked–everyone wanted me to but I would make them work for it
Embarrassing moment – running from my bowl when my chain collar made contact with the bowl
My head visible through the glass of the front door when peep’s arrived home
Graciously taking food from children–! didn’t bite their little fingers off
When I would wrap my paw wrap around people’s legs
When I would nose-flip on your arm when I wanted to be pet
When I would get wound up and race madly back and forth on the lawn
Flipping snow with my snout in Tahoe
Laying next to anyone on the couch or chair
When I would wrestle with PB
Pissing on Steph’s side of the bed when PB went out of town
Jumping up on the bed
Wedging myself between PB and Steph in their bed (butt towards Steph)
Swallowing Steph’s underwear
Chasing a gopher and sitting on the ground with my paws on the hole
My name recognition as I walked down the path
Humping Jim in the driveway
Humping Casey’s friends Berner
Milo giving you the eye when Samantha would torment him with bows and things
Never eating any food that was not given to him
When he let Steph give him a shower
Milo barking and growling at Rob
Milo chasing us on slides in Tahoe as we came down the hill
The bows from Doggie Styles
Taking a sedan service, by himself, to South San Jose
The piece of tape barrier that prevented him from going down the stairs
His groans when laying down
His relentless pursuit for affection
Milo running to the kitchen every time he heard a bowl, door, drawer or cabinet
Milo sitting in the back seat of the convertible with the top down
That big tongue hanging out of his mouth
His nose between his paws
His snorts, sighs and groans
His constant smile
Being Milo

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