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Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals


Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals – Ducks

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals Berner Puppies

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed AnimalsSoccer Balls

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals

Bernese Mountain Dogs With Stuffed Animals Stuffed Berner Puppies

What To Consider When Buying Toys For Your Bernese Mountain Dog

When going out into the market to choose an indestructible toy for your Bernese Mountain dog puppy, it is important to consider some of the following factors:

Safety – Make sure that whatever the toy may be, it is safe for your puppy to chew down on. The bite of the Bernese Mountain dog is large and powerful, so make sure that whatever toy you get is safe to chew on. Check to see what the toy is made of and if it is dog-friendly – there should be no protruding spikes.

Durability – No doubt that one of the most important characteristics is durability, as this indicates how long it can last. You should find an is indestructible dog toy that can withstand the enormous pressure of a dog’s bite and sharp teeth.

Materials – Make sure that the material of the toy is healthy if ingested – in case you Bernese Mountain dog puppy breaks the toy apart and consumes part of the toy – it should be non-toxic.

Bernese Mountain Dog Resources

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America (BMDCA) at www.bmdca.org

The BMDCA Online Breeder Referral is an opt-in member privilege created to assist potential puppy owners with making contact with BMDCA members who breed.

Sunshine Bernese Mountain Dogs has been breeding Berners since 1992. Sunshine has bred over 50 champions, won at multiple specialties, and won a Best in Show. They have imported new lines from Canada, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden to improve the health of our dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog clubs around the world, there’s a great list at BMDINFO.org.

Check out the BMD clubs worldwide list

Rescues: Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue

AKC.org and use their puppy finder service

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