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Watch UNSEEN on Netflix


Watch UNSEEN on Netflix – UNSEEN on Netflix is a new crime and thriller series from South Africa.

There are six episodes and a very strong story in this crime thriller.

It’s actually a remake of the Turkish Netflix series Fatma which I loved. Definitely worth checking out.

Watch UNSEEN on Netflix

UNSEEN on Netflix is a crime thriller, a house cleaner commits a string of murders while searching for her missing husband.

Zenzi Mwale (Gail Mabalane) is pulled out of that lineup, and the detective questioning her (Waldemar Schultz) says “You’ve had quite a week,” with three bodies she’s connected to being found all over the city. “Who are you?” he asks. “I am just a cleaner,” she responds.

UNSEEN on Netflix – MONDAY. Five Days Earlier.

Zenzi is getting ready to welcome her husband Max (Vuyo Dabula) home from prison; he served a two year stretch for a murder, getting out early after he flipped on who he took the fall for.

Her landlord Enrico (Abdurgaman Adams) offers her friendly advice on having Max back in her life, and then reminds her she’s behind on the rent.

At the house of one of her wealthy clients, the homeowner tells Zenzi that she should let toxic men like Max back in her life. Zenzi reassures her that Max has changed.

She goes to the prison and waits for hours, only to be informed that Max had been released earlier that morning. She tries to call him but gets nowhere.

The police won’t help, and when she goes to one of Max’s haunts, she’s harassed and called “Max’s piece of ass.”

Enrico saves her from that mess but he drunkenly tries to break into her bungalow until his wife calls him off.

She does get calls from Max’s phone, but all she hears is breathing on the other end.


Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix

Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix S1.E1
After her Husband, Max is released from jail but doesn’t reach home, Zenzi Mwale struggles to find him and gets pulled into a deadly criminal maze.

Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix S1.E2
Zenzi encounters one dead end after another in her search for Max.

Enrico threatens to leave her homeless, while Raymond proposes a risky job

Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix S1.E3
The police begin to question Zenzi when another suspicious death occurs.

Lufuno attempts to learn more about Zenzi’s life for his book

Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix S1.E4
Zenzi has a harrowing night. Later, the truth of Max’s crime and Esulu’s death begins to emerge.

Fearing for Zenzi’s safety, Lufuno calls Naledi.

Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix S1.E5
After fleeing town, Zenzi encounters new revelations and perilous obstacles.

The police investigation widens, while Joseph’s silence worries Raymond.

Episodes of UNSEEN on Netflix S1.E6
In her furious search for the truth, Zenzi confronts the shooter who tore her family apart.

A showdown at Blessing’s club may push Zenzi to the brink.

Watch UNSEEN on Netflix

Inspired by the Turkish thriller, Fatma, Unseen is a South African drama that follows a lonely house cleaner named Zenzile “Zenzi” Mwale.

When her husband is released from prison but does not return home, she sets out to find him and leaves a trail of dead bodies in her wake.

While Zenzi claims to be “just a cleaner” that upkeeps the homes of the prestigious and wealthy, her life couldn’t be more of a mess.

What makes this show an absolute must-watch is the writing draws the viewer into the mystery from the very first scene.

Episode one begins with a group of women placed in a police lineup.

One by one, each person steps forward until Zenzi (whose face is beaten and battered) is called in as a main murder suspect.

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