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What to Watch -Spotless on Netflix

What-to-Watch -Spotless-on-Netflix

Spotless is foreign series that premiered in November 2015. Despite Spotless actually being renewed it appears the show is now dead.

The dark comedy first aired in France on Canal+ back in early 2015. It wasn’t until October 2016 that it aired on Netflix – the series was actually carried by Esquire Network before making its way onto Netflix (for international distribution). The series is dubbed as an Original by Netflix in every region except France and the United States.

Esquire was a 50/50 venture between NBCUniversal and the Hearst Corporation, a company who owns Esquire Magazine. The network was replacing the outgoing G4 producing a mixture of programming including some foreign acquisitions like Spotless.

Unfortunately, the network was struggling and eventually came to an end in early 2017. This was after being dropped by multiple cable companies lineups and failing to secure audiences for its shows. Now, most of its cast members have moved on to other projects.

Spotless is moody dark comedy that scored well with both fans and critics. It was one of the big shows for Esquire Network who eventually decided to renew the show.

Spotless is set in London and is about the life of a family man, Jean Bastiere, leading a content and quiet life with his wife and children. However, everything goes for a toss after he accidentally meets his outlaw brother whom he hasn’t seen or heard of for years. The past that Jean wanted to bury forever resurfaces. Bringing in a tasteful combo of satire and mystery.

Basically, Spotless is centered around the law-abiding owner of a crime scene cleaning service who is forced into business with a powerful mob boss thanks to his irresponsible older brother. Warning, the first 30 minutes of the first episode are a little gruesome but cover your eyes and muscle through it as this is an aberration for the show.


Episode 1 of Spotless on NetflixOne Hand Clapping. Two brothers with a crime scene cleaning business are forced to clean up the mob’s dirty work. In the opener, Jean’s well-ordered life is disrupted when his irresponsible older brother Martin, who is on the run from gangsters, shows up.

Episode 3 of Spotless on NetflixNot a Place, a Circumstance. Jean is stunned when Nelson reveals what his first clean-up job will involve and is forced to miss a crucial appointment with Julie. Meanwhile, Martin decides to leave town when he discovers the French gangsters have followed him to London.

Episode 5 of Spotless on NetflixThe Power of No. Jean takes a stand and refuses to do a requested clean, when Nelson pushes the boundaries too far. Fearing retaliation, Martin takes steps to protect them from Nelson, but ends up getting them into even deeper trouble.

Episode 7 of Spotless on Netflix Say What You See. Jean confides in the police and hopes they can help him end his destructive partnership with the mob. Meanwhile, Martin embarks on an ill-advised affair; and Julie digs deeper into Jean’s secrets.

Episode 9 of Spotless on NetflixRebound. Jean tries to return to normality and fix his family, but Julie has other plans. Meanwhile, Maddy’s friendship with Steven leads her into big trouble; and Martin decides that Victor needs to die.

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