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Watch Deadloch on Prime Video


Watch Deadloch on Prime Video – The town of Deadloch, Tasmania, is preparing for its Winter Feastival when a local man turns up dead.

Two detectives and an eager junior constable are sent to investigate the crime.

Shows like Deadloch have a fine line on which they constantly have to balance; while much of what goes on around the murder or murders at the center of the show is darkly funny, the case itself needs to be taken seriously.

It’s a tone that’s darker than traditional light-drama murder mystery shows like Monk, but not so dark that it spins into moody noir.


Storyline for Watch Deadloch on Prime Video

A feminist noir comedy set against a bucolic backdrop with a rising body count.

Dulcie Collins (Kate Box), a senior sergeant on the police force of the tiny Tasmanian village of Deadloch, having some early morning sex with her wife Cath York (Alicia Gardner), while their dog watches.

The two of them have been in Deadloch for five years; Dulcie was a police detective in a former life, but for mental health reasons she promised Cath that she’d only do basic police work in Deadloch.

But then that body turns up on the beach.

Her constables Sven (Tom Ballard), dressed in exercise gear, and Abby (Nina Oyama), not knowing exactly what to do, are already there.

Abby already called for forensics, respecting Dulcie’s requested private time before 7 AM, much to Dulcie’s annoyance, given the dead body and all.

The body is of a local footie player named Trent Latham (Barry Wheeler).

There doesn’t seem to be foul play, except for the fact that he’s completely naked with no personal effects around him.

Dulcie calls into Commissioner Hastings (Hayden Spencer) about the case, and he tells her that all the detectives from Tasmania are tied up, so until a detective comes in from Darwin, she’s in charge.


Episodes of Watch Deadloch on Prime Video

Episodes of Watch Deadloch on Prime Video, S1.E1 ∙ Episode #1.1
On the eve of the Deadloch Winter Feastival, the body of local football club coach Trent Latham is found on the beach.

Sergeant Dulcie Collins takes charge, but Det.Eddie Redcliffe arrives to takeover the investigation, causing friction.

S1.E2 ∙ Episode #1.2
In an effort to link a previously unsolved death, Dulcie exhumes former mayor’s body and raises ire of the community.

The boat of Sam O’Dwyer, who disappeared years ago, is set on fire, while Eddie chases a hooded figure through the bush.

Episodes of Watch Deadloch on Prime Video, S1.E3 ∙ Episode #1.3
As the Deadloch Feastival program continues despite two murders, the body of another suspect is found on the shore of the lake.

Despite the victim being dead for five years, Dulcie suspects that it’s linked.

S1.E4 ∙ Episode #1.4
While Dulcie and Cath’s relationship hits a very rough patch, new suspects are named and dismissed, but it’s Eddie’s slip up at a press conference that really makes an impact

Episodes of Watch Deadloch on Prime Video, S1.E5 ∙ Episode #1.5
In the aftermath of Eddie’s press conference, Deadloch is in a state of panic and the killer strikes again; taking the count up to five.

Eddie and Dulcie jump from suspect to suspect as relationships crumble around them.

S1.E6 ∙ Episode #1.6
When the most compelling suspect ends up being a close friend of Dulcie’s – it creates conflict in multiple relationships.

Meanwhile the evidence is piling up, and more bodies are emerging.

Episodes of Watch Deadloch on Prime Video, S1.E7 ∙ Episode #1.7
Men start fleeing the town as more bodies are recovered and a shocking pact is revealed.

S1.E8 ∙ Episode #1.8
The killer’s spree continues and with all the town’s men in danger. Commissioner Hastings is chasing the wrong lead.

Dulcie, Eddie, Sven and Abby continue to investigate the murders in secret, and they finally work out who the killer is.

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