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Wrong Side of the Tracks


Watch Wrong Side of the Tracks – When his teenage granddaughter falls victim to the drug dealers overtaking his neighborhood, a fed-up war veteran takes matters into his own hands.


Storyline of Wrong Side of the Tracks

Set in Entrevías, the poorest neighborhood in Madrid.

The series follows Tirso Abantos, a former military man running a hardware store, whose monotonous daily routine is shaken when his unruly and rebellious adopted teenaged granddaughter Irene.

Irene is of Vietnamese origin, arranges for her Colombian-immigrant boyfriend, Nelson, to steal heroin from drug dealer Sandro.

While the young couple had planned to sell the drugs and run off together, the plan goes wrong, and she is violently raped by Sandro and his thugs.

Tirso then teams up with corrupt police officer Ezequiel to face up to the criminals in the neighborhood


Episodes of Wrong Sides of the Tracks

Wrong Side of the Tracks, S1, Ep1
Tirso is an ex-soldier who runs a hardware store in Entrevías, a neighborhood with much immigration and a lot of delinquency.

Aloof and ugly, he lives with his back turned on his neighbors until one night he receives a call.

Wrong Side of the Tracks, S1, Ep2
After Irene is beaten up by Sancho’s men, Tirso seeks justice for his granddaughter at all costs.

Meanwhile, Nelson convinces his mother to occupy the house next to Irene.

S1, Ep3
Tirso keeps a closer eye on Irene after her attempt to steal his money and run away.

Meanwhile, Amanda is convinced that Ezequiel is working for Sancho.

Wrong Side of the Tracks,S1, Ep4
Knowing that his breach with Sandro is unsolvable, Ezequiel plots something risky to get Tirso to join forces with him against the gangster.

S1, Ep5
After being beaten up by Sandro, Tirso embarks on his own personal fight against him with the help of Pepe and Sanchís.

But Ezequiel hopes that Tirso considers that the only way to defeat Sandro is to team up with him.

Wrong Side of the Tracks, S1, Ep6
Irene was able to sleep thanks to the pills, but can’t get more for being grounded.

Meanwhile, Nelson starts working for Tirso’s store, but his demands push him to the limit.

S1, Ep7
After Sandro’s money is stolen and released to everyone, the authors are nicknamed the Robin Hoods of Entrevías. Sandro wants revenge on the people who did it, and when Amanda investigates the case, all the evidence points to Tirso.

Wrong Side of the Tracks, S1, Ep8
Yeyo finds out that Tirso is the one behind the robbery of Sandro’s money.

Alicia thinks that Gladys is starting to have feelings for Tirso.

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