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The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus


The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus – Tasha has the perfect house, a loving husband and a beautiful little girl.

Her life could be perfect if it wasn’t for Jen, her husband’s ex-wife who just won’t leave them alone.


Storyline of The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus

The Ex-Wife is based on the 2018 novel by Jess Ryder.

You know the ones – a dark dive into sheltered, wealthy suburban bliss, where discontent and manipulation fester, someone’s partner gets killed, someone’s kid goes missing, or someone wants to steal your baby.

The basic plot is an unhappy marriage, a dangerous woman threatening its stability, murky family secrets, extramarital sex, fetishization of the stability of a family, and worryingly aggressive husbands.

Tasha is a young mother who recently had a child with a wealthy married man, Jack (Tom Mison).

He left his wife Jen (Janet Montgomery), or more accurately; he kicked her out of their lush modern house. 

But it doesn’t pan out totally peachy for Tasha.

She now has to deal with incredible tension from Jack’s family and regular appearances from Jen in their private life, sanctioned and encouraged by her new husband.

When Jack’s sister Hayley asks Jack and Jen to be her child’s godparents, a chain of events turns Tasha’s life upside-down.

Episodes-of-The-Ex-Wife onParamountPlus

Episodes of The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus

The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus, Season 1, Episode 1
A series of increasingly uncomfortable encounters, Tasha and Jack’s anniversary dinner is interrupted by Jen.

When Tasha is awkwardly reminded of Jen’s close ties to Jack’s family, fear leads her to ask Jack to cut contact with Jen.

The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus, Season 1, Episode 2
As Jen remains firmly in the peripheries of Jack and Tasha’s family life, Tasha spirals into paranoia as she comes to believe it, rather than her husband, Jen is actually after her daughter.

Her fears are realized when Emily disappears.

The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus, Season 1, Episode 3
Desperate to get her daughter back, Tasha will do anything to get to the truth, even if that means accepting an offer of help from an unlikely source in Jen.

As they track down Jack, the reality of Tasha’s marriage is finally exposed.

The Ex-Wife on Paramount Plus, Season 1, Episode 4
As Jen is faced with an uncomfortable choice, Tasha’s mission to be reunited with her daughter pushes her to further extremes.

When a motorway accident leaves some battling for survival, others escape to a new life, free of the past.

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