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Netflix Series BEEF


Netflix Series BEEF – After an incident in a parking lot, road rage ensues resulting in a bitter feud between the two antagonists.

The vendetta between them and the lengths they’ll go to to avenge themselves on the other spirals out of control, jeopardizing everything and everyone in their lives.


Netflix Series BEEF Storyline

Two people let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action.

Beef, a creative marriage between the streaming site and cult film production company A24, stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong as two hopelessly lost adults who find purpose in their all-encompassing feud.

Danny (Yeun), a failing contractor, and Amy (Wong), a self-made entrepreneur, meet one day in a road rage incident where the pair are one gas-stomp away from basically killing each other.

What ensues instead is a lawless boxing match between the two that gradually becomes a black hole vacuuming in everyone in their lives, as they try to knock each other out by any means necessary — no matter the collateral (or emotional) damage.

But Danny and Amy’s fight eventually places a microscope on their own lives, as we begin to understand what Beef is really trying to say, who these two people really are, and what happened in their lives to get them to that point of animosity.


Netflix Series BEEF Episodes

The Birds Don’t Sing, They Screech in Pain

Netflix Series BEEF EpisodesS1, Ep1
A run-in with a hostile motorist sends Danny into a rage — and a tense chase across town. Amy’s unexpected guest leaves a lasting impression.

The Rapture of Being Alive

Netflix Series BEEF EpisodesS1, Ep2
An enraged Amy finds new purpose as cracks in her seemingly perfect marriage begin to show. Danny seeks a fresh start for his failing family business.

I Am Inhabited by a Cry

Episode S1, Ep3
Danny experiences a catharsis in the presence of an old flame. Amy’s relationship with George suffers another setback. A cat-fishing scheme goes too far.

Just Not All at the Same Time

Netflix Series BEEF Episodes S1, Ep4
With her future hanging in balance, Amy heads to Las Vegas for work while a smitten Paul and an exasperated Danny follow wild pursuits of their own.

Such Inward Secret Creatures

Episode S1, Ep5
As George makes a new friend, Danny proposes a dangerous plan, Amy agrees to a rendezvous, and Naomi acts on a hunch.

We Draw a Magic Circle

Netflix Series BEEF Episodes S1, Ep6
Fumi’s pointed comments and Naomi’s meddling put Amy and George on edge. As Isaac hustles to get out of trouble, Danny receives an unexpected offer.

I Am a Cage

Episode S1, Ep7
Amy and Danny both experience positive changes in their lives, but lingering secrets and emotional challenges force them to confront hard truths.

The Drama of Original Choice

Netflix Series BEEF Episodes S1, Ep8
Painful memories of her youth push Amy to confront her family issues and marital woes. Danny spins an elaborate lie that leads him down a dangerous path.

The Great Fabricator

Episode S1, Ep9
Danny moves from fear into panic as new crises arise. Willing to do whatever it takes to keep June safe, Amy devises a perilous plan.

Figures of Light

Netflix Series BEEF Episodes S1, Ep10
The consequences of their actions leave Danny and Amy in a surreal situation that tests their grasp on reality.

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