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Forte dei Marmi


Forte dei Marmi Beaches, Hotels, Shopping & Things to Do

Forte dei Marmi is a seaside town in Tuscany, Italy, knowForte dei Marmi is an upscale, seaside town in northwest Tuscany that has the Mediterranean Sea (Sea of Ligure) to the west and mountains to the east.

The Pontile is a long pier offering views of the sea of Ligure, plus the city, which features the Apuan Alps in the background. Sculptures dot the town center, including the marble Monumento ai Caduti war memorial. Nearby in Piazza Garibaldi, the 18th-century Lorenese Fort is a symbol of the city.

Forte dei marmi is a renowned destination for luxury tourism and is a perfect fit for anyone who loves high fashion boutiques, Michelin Star restaurants, beach clubs and a safe, family oriented town where cars are not permitted in the center of town.

The name “Forte dei Marmi” derives form the 18th century red fort that can be seen from the main square. The grand Duke of Tuscany, Peter Leopold I of Lorraine ordered the construction of the fort to defend the coast and the inland against Turkish Assaults. It was used also as a storehouse of the marble extracted from the mountains before they were shipped abroad. Hence, Forte dei Marmi is literally a fort of marbles.


Long Flat Beaches, Mountain Ranges, Fantastic Restaurants & Luxury Shopping

The small town of Forte dei Marmi is uniquely positioned between the dramatic mountain range of the Apuan Alps, dazzling with white marble caps that give the illusion of snow, and the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea.

Prosperous from maritime trade, wealthy and noble families of Tuscany and northern Italy took up summer residence here in the nineteenth century. Sophisticated travelers from throughout Europe caught wind of the cultural and social sanctuary offered by this fashionable beach town, and prestigious hotels and glamorous villas scattered the area, creating an affluent and tranquil environment of flower-filled gardens, lush parks, famous fashion houses and a host of famed celebrities, artists and diplomats.

In Italian Forte dei Marmi means “Fort of the marbles”. The town takes its name from the fortress that rises in the middle of the main square, built under Grand Duke Peter Leopold, who was to become Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1788.

The fortress was built to defend the coast from outer attacks, but in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century it became the place where the marble quarried from the Alpi Apuane (they are the same mountains of the famous marble of Carrara) was stocked before being sent to the pier for shipping.

Where to Stay in Forte dei Marmi

What to Do in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is famous also for its festivals (of Sant’Ermete and San Francesco) and for its markets (antique fair, weekly market in Piazza Marconi square, and at Victoria Apuana). The backcountry is also worth a visit, full of ancient traditions and hidden corners in the woodlands of the Apuan Alps, inviting you to explore evocative and surprising paths.

The sea is not the only attraction in Forte dei Marmi, as also its surand ancient traditions. Here you can undertake interesting excursions to discover the Apuan Alps and the entire Province of Lucca.

The center of town is rich in shops and high fashion boutiques with designer’s clothes and it is a must for visitors to go out shopping also late in the evening during summer time.


What to Do in Forte dei Marmi – Beach Time

Occupying less than three-and-a-half square miles, Forte dei Marmi is a small seaside town on the Versilian coast of northern Tuscany.

The town’s main road runs from north to south, parallel to its long, wide beach. A variety of hotels and resorts can be found scattered along, or just off of, this main road.

Call in advance to book private cabanas and gazebos, as well as lunch and dinner reservations, at all of the top properties and clubs, so that you can fully relax and soak up the sun and stylish atmosphere.


What to Do in Forte dei Marmi – Explore the Town

Renting bicylces is a must in Forte Dei Marmi, as cycling will likely be your main means of transport. The inner streets do not permit motor vehicles so the only modes of transportation are walking or biking.

You can bike around town to explore the adorable boutiques and luxury brands (rivals rodeo drive), mouth-watering gelaterias and hidden-gem trattorias for lunch.

Then, walk down the town’s central promenade before heading to the 67 Sky Lounge Bar for panoramic views over the sea and the alps.


What to Do in Forte dei Marmi – Weekly Fairs in Piazza Marconi

Forte dei Marmi’s Weekly Market is a shopper’s paradise. Apart from the exclusive boutique showrooms or “Made in Italy” tags, it is also famous for its flea markets.

The Forte Dei Marmi flea market opens every Wednesday from 8.00 to 13.30 at Piazza Marconi near the city center.

Traders from all over Italy come over to display their wares.

Everything under the sun, from crockery to branded designer wear, is available at this flea market for bargain prices.

During summers when the tourist inflow increases, this market is open even on Sunday’s.

This is the perfect place to shop, as you get the best of Italy.

What to Do in Forte dei Marmi – Piazza Marconi is Great for Kids

Forte dei Marmi is a perfect town for families, with its multitude of well-equipped playgrounds and proposals for fun and games, activities, and entertainment for young and old alike.

The central, ring-shaped Piazza Marconi has always been a shady open-air retreat dedicated to children’s playtime.
The piazza hosts numerous rides (carousels and more), go-karts, and pony carts; during the summer months, it becomes an open-air theatre for various other forms of entertainment for children, with puppet shows, story tellers and more.

Sabin Pinewood Playground is an extensive, fenced-off pinewood on the seaside boulevard, behind the city hall, is home to a play area with playground equipment such as slides, swings, seesaws, and climbers, all in wood and natural materials. The summer program of activities for children includes entertainment and creative mini-workshops conducted by qualified personnel.

Salvo D’Acquisto Playground is the “just for kids” space in the center of the Vittoria Apuana locality is a small, shady, fenced square equipped with merry-go-rounds, swings, ping-pong tables.

What to Do in Forte dei Marmi – Day Trips

Forte dei Marmi allows for easy access to a variety of desirable day-excursions.

An hour by car or two hours by boat are the coastal towns of Portofino and Cinque Terre, characterized by their colorful, cliffside homes, wild natural beauty, medieval history and delectable Ligurian cuisine.

Thirty minutes south east of Forte dei Marmi sit the medieval towns of Lucca, both rich in history with remarkably intact Old Towns with great restaurants and boutique shopping.

In just over an hour you can drive, or taxi,to Florence. Florence, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. One of its most iconic sights is the Duomo, a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome engineered by Brunelleschi and a bell tower by Giotto. The Galleria dell’Accademia displays Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture. The Uffizi Gallery exhibits Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and da Vinci’s “Annunciation.” 

Art lovers will appreciate the nearby communes of Carrara and Pietrasanta, both less than thirty minutes drive from Forte.


Average Temperature in Forte dei Marmi, By Month

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in Forte dei Marmi

In Forte dei Marmi, the summers are short, warm, humid, and mostly clear and the winters are long, cold, and partly cloudy.

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 39°F to 84°F and is rarely below 31°F or above 90°F.

The length of the day in Forte dei Marmi varies significantly over the course of the year. In 2021, the shortest day is December 21, with 8 hours, 54 minutes of daylight; the longest day is June 21, with 15 hours, 29 minutes of daylight.

The earliest sunrise is at 5:35 AM on June 15, and the latest sunrise is 2 hours, 18 minutes later at 7:53 AM on January 3. The earliest sunset is at 4:41 PM on December 9, and the latest sunset is 4 hours, 25 minutes later at 9:06 PM on June 26.


Average Water Temperature in Forte dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is located near a large body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, or large lake). This section reports on the wide-area average surface temperature of that water.

The average water temperature experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year.

The time of year with warmer water lasts for 2.7 months, from June 29 to September 19, with an average temperature above 73°F. The month of the year in Forte dei Marmi with the warmest water is August, with an average temperature of 76°F.

The time of year with cooler water lasts for 4.4 months, from December 13 to April 26, with an average temperature below 60°F. The month of the year in Forte dei Marmi with the coolest water is February, with an average temperature of 56°F.


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