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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi


Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Restaurant Lorenzo


Restaurant Lorenzo (Ristorante Lorenzo)

Since 1981 it has been the restaurant par excellence in Forte dei Marmi, immediately rewarded by the feedback from the public and the attention of the critics. 

The refinement of the cuisine, the undoubted quality of the raw material, the vastness of the wine selection, the care in the service and the elegance of the environment celebrate, every day, the pleasure of the table and the joy of conviviality. 

The Aromas and Favors of a Great Dish Make For an Unforgettable Dinning Experience

Restaurant Lorenzo believes that there are two elements that make the difference in eating dinner and a dinning experience: the sharpness of the aromas and the fullness of the flavors. 

The ultimate dinning experience can be achieved in one way only: using only top quality products and a commitment to excellence in preparation and service. 

Every morning, since 1981, Lorenzo goes to the docks of Viareggio and Versilia in search of the best fish, the most fragrant crustacean, the most fragrant mollusc. 

Then he continues in the strict selection of vegetables, meats and fruits.

The Chef, Gioacchino Pontrelli, been leading the restaurant kitchen for many years and is entrusted with the task of ‘transforming’ the raw material, without betraying its nature but enhancing its characteristics. 

Chef’s Technical knowledge, his attention to cooking and the flair of inspiration finally add that ‘touch’ that makes the difference. 

The magic is all here. But it is a powerful magic: capable of transforming a dish into something unforgettable.

Restaurant Lorenzo’s Wine Cellar

The cellar is another distinguishing characteristic of Lorenzo Restaurant. 

Not only for the breadth wine- there are almost two thousand references – but for the geographical vastness of the selection and the depth of the vintages. 

Each bottle, carefully chosen and carefully guarded, tells of Lorenzo and his daughter Chiara’s passion for the world of wine. 

In the two wine lists – one dedicated to national production, the other to foreign production – you can find both the best known and most famous names as well as the ‘niche’ labels, produced in small quantities and only in excellent vintages. 

A journey, expertly organized by the sommelier Lorenzo Giannini, among the best bottles in the world – from Tuscany to Piedmont, from Sicily to the Friulian Collio, from Burgundy to Bordeaux, from Germany to overseas (United States, Australia,

For a Memorable Experience

Via Giosuè Carducci, 61
55042 Forte dei Marmi (LU)
Tel: 0584 874030 – 0584 89671

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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Da Gigi

Pictured Above is A Sample of the Menu at Restaurant Bistrot


Ristorante Da Gigi

Ristorante da Gigi, opened during the summer of 2022, was born from the idea of ​​three boys, Andrea, Davide and Emiliano, who grew up in some of the most prestigious tables on the Italian scene.

You will find traditional Versilian cuisine, with the best fresh fish on the market, and there will be no lack of meat or vegetarian alternatives.

The environment is chic, minimal and sparkling, the wine list is accurate and non-trivial.

Ristorante Da Gigi – The Chef

Emiliano Stagi, partner and co-founder of the “Ristorante da Gigi”, nicknamed “Il Tranquillo” after numerous and prestigious experiences in the Versilia landscape and beyond, leads his brigade with great charisma.

His cuisine is based on a great search for raw materials, linked to tradition, but with creative ideas that identify him.

Ristorante Da Gigi – The Wine Cellar

A non-trivial wine list with about 300 labels inside, kept in our cellar at controlled temperature and humidity.

They find small producers from all over the peninsula, from Alto Adige to Sicily with wines from Etna; particular attention goes to Tuscan wines.

Then the great passion of Davide and Andrea: France, with Burgundy and Champagne that are the masters

V.le Roma, 55045
Marina di Pietrasanta LU
0584 345613

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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Gilda


Ristorante Gilda

Fish, seafood & specialties from the Versilia region in a polished venue with a beachfront terrace.

The cuisine of the Chef reflects the passionate commitment for the freshest organic and local ingredients.

His hand-crafted dishes are a sensual and bold taste experience.

The atmosphere at Gilda’s embraces you in typical Versilian genuine and authentic fashion.

Eating at the beach in a charming atmosphere, only a few steps away from the center of Forte Dei Marmi, enjoying a candlelight seafood dinner: this is the magic of Gilda Ristorante, a local and international favorite.

The ristorante serves an assortment of only the finest seafood, daily caught fish and typical specialties of Versilia.

The chef uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients in order to serve you memorable meal.

A wide selection of local and national wines, as well as prestigious champagnes perfectly accompany the menu.

A beautiful decor welcomes our guests: wide spaces – all furnished with natural materials – along with white washed-wood and beautiful fresh flower arrangements create a genuine atmosphere.

The splendid terrace, surrounded by the Mediterranean greenery, provides a fresh shelter even in the warmest summer days.

Viale Italico, 85, 55042
Forte dei Marmi LU
0584 880397

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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Bistrot Restaurant


Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Bistrot Restaurant

Bistrot is a few steps from the sea, the restaurant is on one level, divided into various environments. 

The space, through a careful selection of materials and furnishings, is characterized by a contemporary colonial style – think Nantucket or the Hamptons.

Bistrot, where the care of every single gesture, from the selection of raw materials, to the choice of wines, from the welcome to the preparation of the dishes, is an act of love towards customers, tradition and passion.

Bistrot’s culinary proposal is a continuous research that starts from the tradition of the scents and flavors of our territory, where sea and mountains meet, reinterpreted in a contemporary key through our creative gesture.

Bistrot is equally driven between experimentation and gustatory memory, a process that finds a perfect synthesis in the enhancement of the flavors of their dishes that become stories of their landscape, experiences and passions. 

Only the best raw materials of land and sea produce the intensity of flavors that emerge in Bistrot’s dishes, it’s really simple, but simplicity is sometimes the most difficult thing to control. 

Bistrot’s “magic” is achieved by creating a direct and trusting relationship with their sources, producers, breeders, fishermen, with whom we share first of all the passion for their work

Dine By The Sea

Bistrot Restaurant
Via Achille Franceschi, 14
55042 Forte dei Marmi LU
Tel 0584 89879

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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Osteria Del Mare


Osteria Del Mare

Osteria del Mare, which rests on three fundamental pillars, simplicity, quality and informality,

The freshness of the ingredients is important, ranging from the classic products offered by the sea and the land, and in all their presentations (appetizers, first and second course).

And, of course, there is pizza cooked in a wood oven, which also bakes bread and focaccia for all guests.

The favorable position located on the exclusive Fortemarmina coast, make the Osteria del Mare, the ideal place to dine with your favorite people, before experiencing the nightlife of the Versilia clubs.

An intimate room underground with exposed stones, hosts between its arches a review of Italian and international wines.

Dine By The Sea

Osteria Del Mare
Via Achille Franceschi, 4/C,
55042 Forte dei Marmi LU
Phone: 0584 83661

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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – The Fratellini’s

Best-Restaurants-in-Forte Dei-Marmi-The-Fratellini's

The Fratellini’s

The Fratellini’s are two brothers (David and Marco Vaiani) who combined their passion for cooking to create works of art to the table.

The restaurant is devoted mainly to fish, proposed in all its forms and which finds its maximum expression in the freshness of the raw. 

The dishes are capable of triggering multi-sensory experiences. 

The Fratellini’s is based on flexible cooking, you can enjoy one or all of the taste experiences offered on the menu.

The restaurant is accompanied by ambient lounge music.

The environment is characterized by a unique and recognizable style, elegant but modern because it is inspired by organic architecture that promotes harmony between man and nature.

The dishes surprise you with the fusion cuisine, capable of blending the Versilian culinary tradition with more exotic foods, cooking in front of your eyes.

Whether it’s winter or summer, you will always be welcome to sip a cocktail, relaxing on the veranda where you will delight your palate by teasing innovative tastes. 

The local fish is always fresh, and the seasonal vegetables come directly from La Fattoria. 

The furnishing of the environment, characterized by a modern style and an organic architecture that promotes the connection between nature and man: wooden walls, soft lights and a glass window on the outdoor terrace, give a sense of airiness to an intimate and modern environment. 

The veranda allows you to eat outside under large green umbrellas

The Fratellini’s
Via della Repubblica, 2/A
55042 Forte Dei Marmi
Tel. 0584.82931

The Fratellini’s >>

Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – La Magnolia


La Magnolia

La Magnolia demonstrates the ability to collect and develop traditional Mediterranean recipes, while adding his own authentic, distinctive and original touches.

The La Magnolia Restaurant, led by the skilled hands of the starred Chef Cristoforo Trapani welcomes guests with its elegant and muffled atmosphere, during the summer lunch and dinner are also served by the pool.

Preparing dishes only with ingredients obtained from local suppliers and producers, La Magnolia in Forte dei Marmi focuses on traditional specialities with a signature twist.

The restaurant’s romantic poolside location on a shady terrace at Hotel Byron, a Tuscan seaside villa, is matched perfectly by a menu that highlights fresh seafood.

The à la carte menu captures the imagination with its simplicity and richness of flavors. 

Cristoforo Trapani proposes a gastronomic experience to be discovered, with his cuisine that he himself defines as a sort of “Tuscan-Campania fusion”.

Dine By The Pool

La Magnolia
viale Morin 46,
55042 Forte dei Marmi

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Best Restaurants in Forte Dei Marmi – Il Parco di Villa Grey


Il Parco di Villa Gray Restaurant

Il Parco di Villa Gray Restaurant, in Viale Italico 84, in Forte dei Marmi (LU), with Chef Nicola Gronchi, is located within the splendid private garden-park of Villa Gray.

Discreet and elegant, with 35 seats, from July to September open every day for dinner.

At Il Parco di Villa Grey restaurant the menu focuses almost exclusively on fish.

Chef Nicola Gronchi works 3 or 4 ingredients at a time, proposing them in different shapes, textures and ideas, playing on the contribution in terms of flavor and sensations that can be obtained in this way.

It is a “direct and cooked” cuisine, classic contemporary, in which rigor and fun coexist in an almost entirely marine menu.

Although firmly rooted in the region, the chef’s dishes also demonstrate an eye to the future – there are three tasting menus.

The tables find their natural placement among the glass structures of a greenhouse with a privileged view, to give moments of authentic immersion in the green.

Chef Nicola Gronchi , born in ’84 and Carrarino DOC.

Chef grew up in a family of butchers from whom he learned care and respect for the raw material.

Il Parco di Villa Grey
viale Italico 84
55042 Forte dei Marmi, Italy
Phone: +390584787496

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