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The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters


The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Fall is here, and though the weather is still nice enough to want to spend time outdoors, it’s getting chillier in the late afternoons and evenings.

But your Ultimate Outdoor TV Experience does not have to stop or be uncomfortable – no shivering or risk smelling like a smoky campfire from a wood-burning fire pit when you want to be be outdoors and watch television s the weather cools.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Outdoor patio heaters are can keep you warm, even when Mother Nature has other plans so your plans are not interrupted.

If you’re in the market for a patio heater, the sheer number of options returned form a Google search is biased and is intimidating. The most popular choices for keeping warm outdoors range from propane, natural gas and electric patio heaters.


There are three types of outdoor patio heaters based on fuel type: propane, natural gas, and electric. So, what type do you choose? What should rive your choice?. Below is some information to help you make an informed choice about the The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters for your personal comfort.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Outdoor Propane Heaters

Outdoor propane patio heaters have a liquid propane tank, similar to a propane grill.

This makes them easy to set up. All you need is a propane tank and a regulator, and you’re ready to go.

The only downside for outdoor propane heaters for your patiois that you’ll typically want to keep two sets of propane tanks on hand, just in case you run out of propane.

And, you have to remember to run down to the local propane refilling station and refill the propane tanks as necessary.

You might also need to install a permanent line for exterior wall or ceiling-mounted outdoor patio heaters.

But in most cases, outdoor propane heaters are designed to be portable patio heaters.

For each model, we compared its BTU power, heating area, overall price, construction and finish, durability, and portability. We also examined consumer reviews from retail sites like Amazon and Home Depot to confirm that these heaters will be easy to assembly, good-looking, and reliable options for your deck or patio areas, too.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Pros and Cons of Propane Gas

In his long tenure as Popular Mechanics’ senior test editor, Roy Berendsohn (subscription required) has tested a number of space heaters, including patio heaters, and provided his expert advice on propane versus electric heaters. “Both types emit infrared energy,” he explains. “Unlike a space heater, which blows air across a hot electric coil to warm the air, a patio heater projects an infrared beam that travels through the air without heating it. When the infrared energy strikes a solid object like a person or furnishings, the beam converts to heat.”

Most 20-pound propane tanks should last for at least 10 hours of use, depending on your heat settings. Just keep in mind that wind can blow out most of these heaters’ burners, so choose a semi-protected spot or stay inside on gusty nights.

Propane patio heaters tend to put out more heat than electric heaters—about eight times as many BTUs on average.

The radiant heat of the propane gas outdoor patio heater does more to warm the ambient air, instead of heating you directly.

As the name suggests, this type of heater requires a propane tank. The tank you probably have under a grill will do fine, though you might want to invest in an extra tank.

Outdoor propane heaters require a bit of maintenance. You should clean them at least once a year (before you put them away for storage at the end of the season), to remove any carbon buildup or other blockages in the burner or pilot area due to bugs, dirt, and debris.


Bromic Heating Portable 38500 BTU Patio Heater


The classic design of most patio heaters spreads heat widely in a radius around the center of the heater, which can be an inefficient method depending on where you place it.

This Bromic patio heater is an excellent option if you want heat that you can direct at yourself and your group, instead of wasting energy heating a space beyond your patio furniture.

Although its BTU is lower than some other models, its design directs that power more efficiently.

You can adjust the output to combat a light autumnal chill or seriously frosty nights.

Key Specs: Adjustable power, directs heat for greater efficiency, maximum BTUs: 38,500, heating area: 180 sq ft, dimensions: 85 x 28 x 19 in.

AZ Patio Heaters 40,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater – HLDS01-GTHG


The most powerful outdoor patio heater

At 48,000 BTUs, the propane-powered AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-SSxxx puts out more than nine times as much heat as an electric patio heater.

So if you’re looking for sheer heating prowess, this mushroom-style heater is the way to go. T

he company also distributes widely across the country, and it provides excellent customer service. Whether you’re concerned about assembly or you need to replace the inevitable broken part some years down the line, AZ Patio Heaters has you covered.

The HLDS01-SSxxx is similar to many other mushroom-style propane heaters but the HLDS01-WCGT’s ignition mechanism is more clearly marked.

This kind of thoughtful safety measure can be crucial when you’re literally playing with fire.


AZ Patio Heaters 41,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater With Table – HLDS01-CGT


An attractive high-heat alternative

Glass-tube (or pyramid-style) heaters are another popular propane design, and the AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-GTxx is our favorite.

It doesn’t put out quite the same level of heat the ad the 40,000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater – HLDS01-GTHG (40,000 BTUs, as opposed to 48,000).

But this model contains the heat in a vertical glass tube, instead of pumping it out the top of the heater and deflecting it downward (where the people are).

That centrally positioned heat source provides a pleasant, even warmth whether you’re sitting or standing.

Plus, you get to watch the flame dance in the glass tube, which is just plain cool.

The HLDS01-GTxx is otherwise pretty similar to its mushroom-topped counterpart, the HLDS01-WCGT, with the same wide distribution and reliable customer service from AZ Patio Heaters.

Amazon Basics 46,000 BTO Patio Heater


In our testing, we were pleasantly surprised by the AmazonBasics patio heater, which is an affordable option that’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and has many attractive colors and finishes to choose from.

For extra durability in high winds, you can fill its hollow base with sand, though we liked how easy it was to move around with the wheeled base.

Like the Fire Sense, it has a Piezo ignition system for a push-button start, requires a 20-pound propane tank, and has safety auto-shutoffs.

Highlights: Many color and finish options, Easy to assemble, Affordable, Some reviewers report paint durability issues

Key Specs: Maximum BTUs: 46,000, Heating Area: 250 sq ft, Dimensions: 89 x 33 x 18 in.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Outdoor Natural Gas Heaters

Natural outdoor gas outdoor patio heaters come in several different varieties. They can be free-standing like propane heaters but a more popular set up would be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted for your patio. The one thing all the best outdoor patio heaters have in common is that they’re all mounted in a fixed location because they’re tied into a natural gas line.

Having a natural gas heater mounted outdoors in a fixed location can be a good and a bad thing.

The positive of a natural gas heater mounted in a fixed location, it costs less over time than a propane heater and you don’t have to remember to constantly buy more fuel.

The negative is that a natural gas outdoor heater mounted in a fixed location t isn’t very portable, and you’ll need a professional installation.

Another potential negative is that a natural gas heater mounted in a fixed location requires assigned seating – the people that are coldest need to sit closest tot he heater which may not be the seating assignment that you desire.

Natural outdoor gas outdoor patio heaters typically offer more heating power than plug-in heaters.


Bromic Heating Platinum 500 Smart-Heat 29-Inch 39,800 BTU Natural Gas Patio Heater – BH0110003



Bromic Heating leads the market in supplying your outdoor patio with radiant heaters that demonstrate outstanding performance and unbeatable quality.

The Platinum 500 patio heater stands out against standard patio heaters since the tiles are protected behind a ceramic medium, allowing it to evenly distribute 39,800 BTUs of heat while effectively resisting winds over 12 mph and heat areas up to 200 square feet.

Single switch, electronic ignition gives you control over one or multiple gas heating units, making it possible to heat your entire patio with one device.

If the automatic re-ignition fails to restore an extinguished flame, the integrated flame failure safety shut-off control will turn the heater off immediately.

A pivot arm bracket allows you to easily adjust the flow of heat for better, custom directional heating.

The Platinum 500 Smart-Heat natural gas patio heater can be wall or ceiling-mounted and wired into smart system controls to fit custom heating preferences.

Bromic Heating Platinum gas heaters are perfect for both commercial and residential installations.

The heater is made of stainless steel for commercial-style quality that outlasts the competition.

Bromic Heating Tungsten 500 Smart-Heat 25-Inch 43,000 BTU Natural Gas Patio Heater – BH0210003



Bromic Heating leads the market in supplying your outdoor patio with radiant heaters that demonstrate outstanding performance and unbeatable quality.

The Tungsten 500 patio heater stands out against standard patio heaters since it is able to evenly distribute 43,000 BTUs of heat while effectively resisting winds up to 8mph and heat areas up to 200 square feet.

Single switch, electronic ignition gives you control over one or multiple gas heating units, making it possible to heat your entire patio with one device.

If the automatic re-ignition fails to restore an extinguished flame, the integrated flame failure safety shut-off control will turn the heater off immediately.

The bi-directional pivot arm features 25 degree rotation on each side, allowing you to easily adjust the flow of heat for better, custom directional heating.

The Tungsten 500 Smart-Heat natural gas patio heater can be wall or ceiling-mounted and wired into smart system controls to fit custom heating preferences.

The universal bracket allows you to easily upgrade from 300 to 500 series heaters without any additional wiring. Bromic Heating Tungsten gas heaters are perfect for both commercial and residential installations.

The heater has a brushed stainless steel finish casing for protection against dirt buildup and tampering.


DCS 48-Inch 56,000 BTU Natural Gas Infrared Patio Heater – Stainless Steel – DRH-48N



The DCS gas patio heater is the perfect solution to heating outdoor kitchens, patio areas or outdoor spaces.

This attractive heater mounts easily to most walls or eaves and includes an extension mounting kit.

The heater uses radiant, infrared heat to warm people and objects, not the surrounding air.

With an output of 56,000 BTUs, this natural gas heater can produce comfortable heat up to 15 feet away from the unit.

Made from high quality, durable stainless steel, this heater is built to withstand nearly any outdoor climate.

The DRH-48N may be hardwired to a 110v switch or controlled with the optional on/off single channel remote control (sold separately).

A transformer is included with this unit.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Outdoor Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters are pretty much the same as your standard indoor space heater; they even tend to produce about the same power, maxing out at 1,500 watts, or the equivalent of about 5,100 British thermal units (BTUs).

The energy they produce is infrared, which means it works like direct sunlight and is absorbed straight into your skin and clothes, instead of the air around you. As you do with your average indoor space heater, you simply plug ’em into an outlet and flip ’em on, and you should be good to go.

Electric outdoor patio heaters can either be hardwired or plugged directly into a standard outlet. This means that they can be portable, like propane heaters, or fixed in a specific location, like natural gas heaters. But there’s a tradeoff involved in this choice.

Outdoor patio electric heaters can either be built as pedestals (single pole or tripod stands that allow the height to be adjusted) or they can be attached to a wall or ceiling. Heaters that are attached to the wall or ceiling are not portable and suffer the same limitations that gas heaters have – there is assigned seating based on who is coldest.

Electric patio heaters aren’t nearly as powerful as propane heaters, but their infrared elements make you feel like they’re warming you more directly.

Electric heaters use infrared or halogen light to project heat, which is over 90% efficient, more environmentally-friendly than propane or natural gas, and cost very close to natural gas to operate (this depends on electricity and gas rates in your area).

However, their power is limited to your wall socket’s 120 volts – it’s best to have a dedicated 20 amp circuit to power these devices.

Overhead electric patio heaters need to be hardwired in by a licensed electrician. Even though the installation is a little more complicated than with free standing models, these heaters are more powerful because the Voltage (and hence the power output) can be increased with the hardwired installation.

Most of those models put out 1,500 watts of heat (equivalent to about 5,100 BTUs), and they come from the same factory, regardless of their branding. A few models stood out above the rest, but their availability remains inconsistent as of spring 2021.

The AZ Patio Heaters Hiland ZHQ1537 radiates in a wide horizontal heat band, and it can be mounted on a pole or a wall, depending on your patio setup. It also works as an outdoor lamp and comes with a remote control, so you don’t have to get too close to the source.

The EnerG+ HEA-21821SH-T is another pole-mounted option, with a canopy top that deflects the heat downward (not unlike a mushroom-style propane heater). This might require you to huddle in closer to the pole, but the telescoping base gives you some flexibility.

Look for models of either heat source that were weather-resistant and offered some kind of safety feature, such as a tip-over switch, a thermocouple, or overheat protection.

There are several categories of outdoor electric patio heaters: smaller heaters (for tabletop or personal use) and large models with a wider coverage area (mostly mushroom-top and pyramid-tower heaters, like those you see at restaurants, plus some heat lamps).

Other models that are stand-a-lone (on a single pole or tripod) can be put away when not in use to keep the look and feel of your patio when the elements do not require their warmth.

Outdoor electric heaters require less maintenance and cost much less than gas heaters which is a huge plus.

the-best-outdoor-patio-heaters- Patio-Heaters-Hiland-ZHQ1537-Electric-PatiEnerG+-1500W-20-Inch-Dual-Element-Electric-Infrared-Patio-Heater-120V-With-Remote-Chrome --HEA-21531

AZ Patio Heaters Hiland ZHQ1537 Electric PatiEnerG+ 1500W 20-Inch Dual Element Electric Infrared Patio Heater 120V With Remote – Chrome – HEA-21531


Keep warm year round while sitting on your patio, enjoying meals or drinks with the EnerG 1500W Wall Mount Infrared Heater.

Designed to mount to any non-flammable surface, this electric heater features two power settings (1500 Watts on High and 750 Watts on Low) and a remote for wireless control.

The long life carbon filament lamp can provide heat for approximately 5,000 hours and is all encased in durable aluminum housing.

The heater is does not emit any harmful fumes, and is ETL and IP24 certified against dust and rain for safety.

The heater includes a chain, hook, and articulated wall mounting bracket for simple mounting and only requires a standard wall outlet for power.


Dust and water resistant for long life and durability
Carbon filament lamp lasts for up to 5,000 hours
ETL and IP24 certified against dust and rain for safety
Includes a remote for wireless control


AZ Patio Heaters Hiland ZHQ1537 Electric Patio Heater


Stay warm and get more enjoyment out of your indoor and outdoor spaces all year long with the AZ Patio Heater 1,500 Watt Single Element Electric Infrared Patio Heat.

It features LED lights, an adjustable height pole, tilt head and an 8 foot power cord.

The heater also includes a convenient wall mount to save valuable floor space.

The ZHQ1537 uses infrared energy to warm people and objects, not the air.

A convenient anti-tilt feature is built-in for added safety.

This heater plugs into a standard 120 volt electrical outlet making it less expensive to operate than a propane heater. Can be used both indoors and outdoors


Height is can be adjusted from 5 foot to 7 foot
Tilt head with LED lights allows you to direct heat where you need it
Includes wall mount to save valuable floor space


Briza Infrared Patio Heater – Electric Patio Heater


Most heaters work through convection, gradually heating the surrounding air and letting it circulate until it’s permeated the entire room, but infrared heaters emit a precise beam of heat that warms you directly by throwing out a steady stream of heat particles.

With infrared heaters, you don’t have to wait to warm up when you step in from the cold, like with ordinary heaters. You warm up rapidly, with fast acting heat rays that dispel the cold.

They’re also great if you’re sitting on the couch or at your desk because their heat is focused on you and not the entire room.

Infrared heaters produce heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun.

The infrared rays emitted are easily absorbed by the items in your home, which gently increases the temperature of their surroundings.

As cool surfaces heat up, infrared heaters raise the ambient temperature of the room.

Besides warming up your home, infrared heaters provide many other benefits.

Benefits include: Instant heat within SECONDS, Ultra-low glare

Hot coils are wrapped over the heat source so heat is transferred evenly. The heat is reflected by a polished metal so it extends out for several yards, creating a gentle, comfortable source of warmth.

The maintenance for infrared heaters is extremely minimal. Since there are no moving parts, there’s no motor to wear out, air filters to replace or lubrication required. All you have to do is periodically clean the reflectors to keep your unit working perfectly.

Comes with hardware for mounting on walls or ceilings. Also comes with an adjustable tripod stand.


PatioBoss Patio Heater, Electric Outdoor Heater, Infrared Heater for Indoor/Outdoor Use


The PATIOBOSS Outdoor Patio Heater is a Freestanding Outdoor Heater for Instant Warm, Quiet Operation, Infrared Heater with Remote Control & 24 Hours Timer

Powerful instant heating: The infrared heating tube and high-grade aluminum mirror heating system provide fast and instant heating.

Infrared heater produce heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun, it’s hardly affected by wind.

This freestanding outdoor patio heater is a great choice for winter patio use.

Only partial assembling is required; adjustable height of standing pole.

24 hours timer can be set to turn off the heater after a desires amount of hours. The remote control and rocker switch make the heater more user-friendly.

The electric patio heater provide high efficient heating, you don’t need to wait for a long time to warm up. No Gas or other flammable fuel is required, it is energy saving is 30%-40% compared with ordinary heater.

This outdoor patio infrared heater has 3 power settings for your choose: 500W,1000W,1500W. Adjust the heat settings according to the weather. ideal for home, courtyards, garages, open-air restaurants, outdoor patio. Create a warm environment for your indoor and outdoor activities.

This electric patio heater is designed with automatic tip over and overheating protection functions to protect your and family.

With CE and ETL certificated, the heater is weather and dust proof and maintenance-free. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with best service.

What’s BEST For You

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Decide on the Installation Type

For you outdoor patio heater, do you want the heat to come from overhead (ceiling or pole mount), an angle (wall mount) or from the side (free standing pole or tripod or table top) (wall, ceiling, pole or umbrella mounted) or free standing (including tabletop).

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – How Much Heat do You Need

Think about the temperature you are comfortable with when sitting outside or watching an outdoor TV.

Do you expect it to be as warm as you are when you are sitting in your house? Also, think about the average temperature outside when you are outdoors. If you are in Wisconsin in January and you want to feel like it is 72 degrees outside even the best outdoor patio heater of satisfying your needs.

In short, if you are outdoors you are going to be cooler than if you are indoors. In addition, you will probably have warmer clothes, a jacket and maybe a hat and mittens – unless you are in a really warm climate.

In general, consider the amount of heat and the heat coverage you are looking for from an outdoor patio heater.

For outdoor electric patio heaters, the heat output is measured in Watts (W). To give you an idea for a rough calculation of the Watts you need to multiply the area in square feet by 10. For example, for a room 20 feet by 20 feet, we get 400 sq. ft., and multiplied by 10 we get 4000 Watt.

Keep in mind that you might need more than one heater to cover the entire area you are looking to heat. As a rule, larger size outdoor patio heaters cover larger square footage.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – How Much Control Do You Want

Think about the the convenience of operation for your outdoor patio heater that you would like to have while the unit is in operation.

Do you just want to turn the unit on and off? Do you want to adjust the heat settings from remote control? Do you want to be able to move the source of the heat or do you want people to move if they are too hot or too cold?

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Tips for Choosing

Outdoor heaters typically fall into four categories: electric heaters, propane heaters with a dome top, propane heaters with a pyramid top and tabletop propane heaters.

When searching for an outdoor heater, first think about whether you want electric (you plug it in), propane-powered (you purchase a separate propane tank) or natural gas (you connect to your gas line).

In general, electric heaters tend to be less expensive to operate.

Next, think about the size of the area you want to heat.

The higher the BTU (British Thermal Units) or wattage, the more effective the heater is at warming a larger space.

Look for something with radiant or infrared heat, which acts much like the sun — meaning the heat produced is directly absorbed by a person’s clothes or skin without dispersing into the surrounding air, making it ideal for outdoor spaces where air is constantly moving.

Some other factors important to consider are size of the heater, whether the heater can be easily moved and if it has accident prevention features.

The Best Outdoor Patio Heaters – Use Case

Free-standing heaters are a great choice if you are looking for a heater that will work right out of the box and don’t want to do any remodeling – you may need a dedicated 20 amp circuit. These heaters will work for smaller outdoor or semi-enclosed patios. Tabletop models are popular for outdoor dining areas and small restaurant patios.

Wall and ceiling-mounted heaters are generally better suited for high-end homes and commercial use. They require professional installation, and they’re not portable. That said, they can heat a large area with ease, and there are many ways you can operate them from a simple wall switch to a smart home integration.

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