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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Steaks


Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Gibson’s Father’s Day Box

Celebrate your Dad, or a special someone, with the ultimate gift this year — a big box of Gibsons Steaks and four Gibsons Signature Knives. 

The Father’s Day box contains the trifecta of our Gibsons Grassfed Australian: Ribeye, New York Strip, and the Bone-In Filet.

With this box you get our famous seasoning salt and 4 of our Gibsons Signature Knives, the same knives we use at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, to make sure he always get the best cut. 

Gibson’s Father’s Day Box – The Steaks

The Steaks – 14oz. GGA Ribeyes | 12oz. GGA Bone-In Filets | 14oz. GGA New York Strips

Gibson’s Father’s Day Box – The Extras

4 Gibsons Signature Knives | 1 – 6oz. Bottles of Gibsons Seasoning Salt

Gibson’s Father’s Day Box – More on the Steaks

GGA = Gibsons Grassfed Australian
100% Grassfed
Zero Antibiotics
No Added Hormones
GGA Steak is Wet-Aged for a Minimum of 75 Days

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Made In Personalized Knives

Made In Personalized Knives – 8 Inch Chef Knife

Inspired by tradition and innovation, Made In partnered with a family-owned, 5th generation knife maker from the knife capital of the world to create a fully-forged, nitrogen-treated chef knife.

Hammered from one single rod of nitrogen-treated, premium X50CrMoV15 metal, this chef knife achieves a Rockwell score of 58-60 and will become the star in your knife block.

Made In Personalized Knives – Santoku Knife

Santoku means “three virtues” in Japanese, though it’s unknown whether those virtues are “meat, fish, and vegetables,” “slicing, dicing, and chopping,” or “tip, edge, and heel.”

This knife is a multi-talented kitchen tool that fills a gap in any cutlery arsenal.

Hand scalloped to reduce friction and stickage, crafted from premium nitrogen-treated X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, and fully forged just like all of Made Inns French-made knives, our Santoku Knife will bolster the virtuousness of your knife block.

Made In Personalized Knives – Nakiri Knife

The blade is a staple of Japanese cuisine with its straight, symmetrical edges that are perfect for chopping and dicing vegetables, as it cuts straight without rocking like other more rounded shapes.

Like all of our Made InsFrench-made knives, it is full tang, fully forged, and made from fifth-generation bladesmiths.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Speyside Scotch

1991 The Glenrothes Vintage Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Speyside, Scotland

Whisky, however, has been made in Scotland for centuries and the question of whether it came to Scotland from Ireland or vice versa is a much-debated topic.

The newest expression from the 1990s.

Heavier, richer, and more ripe that the 1987 Vintage reviewed above.

It is very creamy and mouth-coating, with layers of sweetness (vanilla, caramel, light toffee, white chocolate), fruit (sultana, plum), along with a good underpinning of oak spice. A very nice effort for a whisky this young.

Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Extremely Rare Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Ranked among the top 10 whiskies from this region with respect to number of awards won: GOLD from the International Spirits Challenge was awarded as well as Gold from the International Spirits Challenge.

Glenmorangie is a famous single malt distillery situated just north of the town of Tain in Ross-shire, in the Highlands region of Scotland.

Despite the rich, buttery scent this single malt sips relatively dry.

Rounded pear and sherry notes lead the palate at first, drying to leather and cigar wrapper and finishing long, with lemon zest and ginger zing. Water brings out more fruit, a tinge of violet, sprinkles of brown sugar and cinnamon sweetness, and a smoky whiff on the finish. Amazing complexity.

The Macallan Limited Edition Classic Cut Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The first in a new series of annual releases, The Macallan Classic Cut has been created to reveal a unique character and timeless spirit.

Matured exclusively in hand-picked sherry seasoned American and European oak casks from Jerez, Spain and then bottled to perfectly unlock its unique flavour profile, this limited release offers a special and memorable take on The Macallan. With its combination of flavors of caramel, orange zest and nutmeg spice, and a satisfyingly long finish, the result is an indulgent single malt whisky with a sweet and spicy character.

Released exclusively for the U.S., this is the first bottling in an annual series celebrating what Macallan terms its “…unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit.”

Matured in oloroso sherry-seasoned American and European oak casks.

Confident Christmas cake aromas, plus quite assertive oak. Honey, toffee, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, and lively oak on the palate. Gingery wood notes in the medium-length finish.

The Balvenie 21 Year Portwood Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Speyside, Scotland

On the nose, the 21 Year Portwood shows fruity and ripe raisin notes, backed by a nutty dryness.

On the palate, it is refined, with remarkable character. It is creamy and silky with fruit, honey and spice notes, followed by a long, gentle finish.

A port cask finish gives this Scotch a copper penny hue.

The aroma suggests baked apple, while the palate has a chewy, concentrated vanilla-oak profile, leading to walnut, leather and espresso.

The rounded finish sings with sherry and spice.

Adding water coaxes out baked apple sweetness and dials back the oak.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Personal Massagers

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Personal Massagers – The Theragun mini is your pocket-sized partner, giving you Theragun quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability.

Compact but powerful, Theragun mini is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you do.

The Theragun is used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, athletes, and over 250 professional sports teams worldwide.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Personal Massagers – Developed by Dr. Jason Wersland, every aspect of the Theragun mini has been thoughtfully designed and adapted from their signature Theragun design for maximum ergonomic comfort and unparalleled portability; quick relief and relaxation that fits conveniently in your purse or backpack.

Theragun quality treatment, anytime, anywhere.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Personal Massagers – Theragun adapted our new proprietary brushless motor to our most compact design ever.

Mini strikes a never-before-seen balance between power and size, making it a convenient option for getting Theragun quality relief on the go.

So quiet, you can hardly hear it.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Personal Massagers – Experience discrete, near-silent operation while you melt away your tension at a moment’s notice, whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of home.

That’s the power of QuietForce Technology.


Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Personal Massagers – Cramps, knots, and tension can strike at the most inconvenient times, and when your venturing off the beaten path mini is right there with you. Slip it into a jacket pocket or stow it in your gear for easy access and a quick calf or shoulder sweep right when you need it.


Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Theragun Mini – All-New 4th Generation Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun


Proprietary brushless QX35 motor with QuietForce Technology allows powerful yet ultra-quiet muscle treatment anytime, anywhere


Never-before-seen balance between power and size, making it a convenient option for getting Theragun quality relief on the go.


150-MIN. BATTERY LIFE – With up to 150 min. of sustained run time, mini sets the standard for true portability and is there for you right when you need it


Smooth, ergonomic grip is easy to hold while reducing strain on your hands and wrists


3 scientifically calibrated speeds – 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute, each scientifically calibrated to deliver greater therapeutic benefits for the body.

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last-minute-fathers-day-gift-ideas-Theragun-Wave-Duo-Vibration-Roller-Dual-Pressure-Muscle-Massager |-Ergonomically-Contoured-to-The-Back,-Spine-and-Neck

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Theragun Wave Duo Vibration Roller | Dual Pressure Muscle Massager | Ergonomically Contoured to The Back, Spine and Neck

Contoured to the back, spine, and neck

Ergonomically contoured to the back, spine, and neck, this portable smart vibrating roller is a uniquely versatile rolling solution.

Five powerful vibration frequencies and high-traction wave grooves work to deliver just the right angles of pressure to areas in need—releasing soreness, reducing tension, and improving movement.


Curves around spine to safely target muscles on either side of back, neck, and spine


Adjust to your comfort level to help release soreness, reduce tension, increase range of motion, and improve movement.


Connects to the Therabody app via Bluetooth for total control of your rolling experience.

Adjust vibration intensity and discover guided rolling recovery routines customized for your needs.


Innovative silicone wave grooves also an additional dimension of pressure to the muscle, while providing superior traction control.


Small, lightweight, and fits easily in any bag to be used on the go

Protecting the spine and back with Wave Duo

The Wave Duo’s contoured shape comfortably applies pressure to the peaks and valleys of the back muscles on either side of the spine.

Treating the neck and upper body with Wave Duo

Sitting on video calls and the daily grind can put a constant strain on the upper body.

Wave Duo makes quick work of tech neck, comfortably applying pressure to this sensitive area.

Lower-body recovery with Wave Duo

Curves around the calves, hamstrings, and glutes to distribute pressure evenly while rolling out these muscles.

Wave Duo – Scientifically-calibrated shape

Theragun’s founder Dr. Jason Wersland designed the precise size and shape of the Wave Duo.

It is contoured with precision—two high points efficiently target either side of the spine and neck, while the concave center avoids extra stress on the spine.

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