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Bernese Mountain Dogs & Dachshunds


Bernese Mountain Dogs & Dachshunds – similarities and differences between Dachshund vs Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese Mountain Dogs & Dachshunds – Temperament, Grooming, Playfulness, Trainability, Intelligence Level, Barking, Sensitivity, Shedding


Origins of the Dachshund – Germany

Average Weight for the Toy Dachshund: 9.5 pounds (3.5-5.0 kg)Standard: 24 pounds (11 kg), Miniature: 12 pounds (5.5 kg)

Average Height for the Toy Dachshund: Toy: 12 inches (30 cm)Standard: 9.5 inches (23.5 cm), Miniature: 6 inches (15.5 cm)


Origins of the Bernese Mountain Dog- Switzerland

Average Weight for the Bernese Mountain Dog – Male: 97.5 pounds (38–50 kg), Female: 92.5 pounds (36–48 kg)

Average Height for the Bernese Mountain Dog – Male: 26 inches (61–71 cm), Female: 25 inches (58–69 cm)

Miniature Dachshunds Have More Stamina Than Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Temperament of the Toy Dachshunds are best described by:

Clever, devoted, playful, courageous, lively, stubborn.

The Temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog are best described by:

Affectionate, intelligent, faithful, loyal.

The Toy Dachshund is easy to groom – The Dachshund doesn’t require a lot of grooming.

The Bernese Mountain Dog – The Bernese Mountain Dog requires average grooming effort.

Berners & Dachshunds at Play

In terms of playfulness, both breeds like playing.

In terms of the ability to be trained, both breeds are easy to train.

The intelligence ranking for the Dachshund is average: Dachshund’s have average obedience intelligence.

The intelligence ranking for the Bernese Mountain Dog is very smart: Bernese Mountain Dog’s are an excellent dog breed.

Nap Time for Lola the Berner & Moose the Miniature Dachshund

Dachshund’s are tend to be barkers: The Dachshund is a very vocal breed.

Bernese Mountain Dogs barks occasionally – usually to play or gain attention.

In terms of sensitivity, the Dachshund and the Bernese Mountain Dog are a little bit more sensitive than other dog breeds.

Shedding – The Toy Dachshunds shed none to minimal.

Shedding – The Bernese Mountain Dogs shed above average.


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