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Best Wine Accessories to Own


Best Wine Accessories to Own – There’s some things amateur sommeliers and Netflix wine aficionados can’t go without, and that’s a good set of accessories to back them up.

Best Wine Accessories to Own – Whether you’re on the beach, in the kitchen, on the gold course or on the couch you’ve got to be prepared with these must have wine accessories.


Best Wine Accessories to Own – Monopol Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover

Westmark’s Cork Puller is among the best in the world and is rated to be one of the best kitchenware brands available today.

Each product is made using high quality hardened steel prongs and die cast metal for its handle and cover. See below for more details.

This easy to use product will quickly remove the cork from your wine bottle without damaging the cork or the bottle.

The handle doubles as a bottle opener and is safely hidden with the decorative casing.

Equipped with an ergonomic handle, Westmark’s product is efficient and comfortable to use.

Simply use soap and water to clean the product.

Backed with a 5 year warranty,


Coravin Model Three – Model III

The way Coravin works is actually quite simple.

The device pierces the cork in the wine bottle with a hollow needle, and you can pour as much wine you desire and then save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years.

All this because the natural cork will close back up once the needle is removed.


Best Wine Accessories to Own – Reduce Wine Cooler Set

Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Set with 2 12oz Insulated Wine Tumblers – Keep Wine at the Perfect Temperature, No Ice Required, Fits Most Wine Bottles – Denim

It keeps wine at the right temperature, and it’s perfect for a picnic or any outdoor gathering.

Just leave the bottle of wine in the fridge until it reaches the desired temperature and then put the bottle inside the cooler.

The cooler is very lightweight and is just a little bit bigger than a 750-milliliter bottle.


Zalto Denk’Art Bordeaux Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Glass

The unique shape of the bowl and very thin lip for the glass allows aromas in red and white wines to greatly open up more compared to your standard wine glasses and seamlessly glide across the palate.

While Katz’s go-to fine glassware brand is not widely available in the United States, Zalto is an excellent alternative beloved by wine experts worldwide thanks to its striking quality, clarity, and thinness.

Zalto wine glasses are certainly an investment but a worthy one for the die-hard wine drinker.

REGIONS AND VARIETIES: The Bordeaux wine glass is made for pairing with red wines.

It is exquisitely designed and specifically shaped in order to pronounce the taste profiles of Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, and Barbera.

The modern design of this stemmed glass will look great hanging in your bar. Add a touch of Zalto to your wine-tasting experience.

EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP: Each mouth-blown glass is produced through a rigorous artisanal process.

The crystal is reinforced through multiple heating and cooling cycles, coupled with tempering the mouth.

The end result is an incredibly lightweight yet resilient thin crystal glass free of imperfections.

FOR THE CONNOISSEUR: This glass was designed specifically for wines full of character and high in tannins.

The shape of the bowl integrates the components of the wine, bringing the fruitier and sweeter notes to the foreground.

This glass was inspired by the earth in accordance with the tilt angles—24 degrees, 48 degrees, and 72 degrees.

SOPHISTICATED DESIGN: The Zalto Denk’Art stemware delivers a flavor experience that is unparalleled.

Our long-stemmed glasses are made with a continuous piece of pulled crystal and are therefore more resistant to breakage.

The wide bottom opens the wine up quickly while the tapered, smaller opening at the rim captures the aromas, bringing focus to the nose.

DIMENSIONS AND DETAILS: This glass has a 23-oz. liquid capacity, making it perfect for those days when you need a taller glass.

The entire glass is 9 1/4” tall—ideal for special occasions or everyday use.


Best Wine Accessories to Own – Repour Wine Saver and Stopper

Removes Oxygen, Preserving and Keeping Wine As Fresh As The Day The Bottle Was Opened

Besides being able to do higher end glass pours for by the glass, Repour is also good for on-the-fly tasting menus to throw some really cool wines out and be able to hang on to them for other uses.

While the at-home drinker might not be hosting official tastings, it’s always good to have a quality stopper on hand for your still wines.

Easy to Use: Repour is as easy to use as putting a stopper in a bottle of wine.

When you’re ready for another glass – remove Repour, pour, re-stop with Repour, and enjoy your wine again.

Repeat as needed. It’s that simple.

Always Fresh: Repour Wine Saver will keep your favorite wine as fresh as the day you opened the bottle.

Repour works so well, your wine may need a minute or two to open back up when you return to enjoy another glass.

How it Works: The presence of oxygen is what causes your wine to go bad.

Repour’s patented technology eliminates 100% of the oxygen in a bottle which means wine saved with Repour always stays fresh.

Versatile: Repour is suitable for nearly all 750ML wine bottles and works perfectly on both red and white wines.


Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

When it comes to sparkling wines, a regular bottle stopper just won’t cut it—you’ll need a solid and effective sealing stopper to keep those bubbles as fresh as possible (and to avoid losing an eye).

Sparkling wine bottle stoppers are designed specifically due to the high pressure in the bottle and preserve the quality.

If you try to use a normal closure, after a while it will simply fly out of the bottle.

Additionally, you will notice that all different designs of closures for sparkling wines have a method of securely anchoring the closure to the lip of the bottle so that it can stay put given the pressure build-up on the closed bottle.

Crown sealer preserves the flavor and finish of previously opened bottles.

Switch-style valve locks in carbonation with a single motion.

Airtight, food-safe rubber seal allows for storing bottles on their sides without leaking.

High-quality metal construction with a sleek finish.

Measures approximately 1-1/2 by 3 by 3 inches; 10-year limited warranty.


TenTen Labs Wine Aerator Pourer

Immediately improve the smell and flavor of your wine.

No gimmicks.

Massive bubbles infuse oxygen directly into the wine allowing you to smell and taste the wine the way it was made to be tasted.


Best Wine Accessories to Own – Pulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiters Corkscrew

A staple is a double-hinged wine key (preferably with a serrated blade).

A wine key blade is perfect for cutting through the tape while also feeling safe enough (and small enough) to keep in my pocket at all times.

There are many quality double-hinged wine keys out there, but Pulltap’s is always a safe bet.

Best of all, they won’t break the bank.


Sachi Insulated 2-Bottle Leather Wine Tote Bag Black

The SACHI Leather 2-bottle wine tote is the perfect wine accessory.

If you enjoy sharing your love of wine with friends and family this tote is designed with both function and style in mind.

Leakproof Premium Insulation

This classic wine tote features top quality, thick, food safe and BPA free 100% EVA insulation to keep your reds stable and safe from heat and whites chilled for a perfect pour.


The SACHI Leather 2-bottle wine tote bag looks like a luxury bag but can function as an insulated carrier for snacks, lunch, medications, makeup and more.

It is a must have for a trip to the beach, outdoor concert, bonfire, girls night or out on the town to your favorite restaurant.

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