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Watch Holby Blue on Hulu


Watch Holby Blue on Hulu – Spin off from Holby City (1999) and Casualty (1986), taking place in and around Holby South police station and focusing on the police who work with the doctors and paramedics from Holby City and Casualty.

HolbyBlue (also known as Holby Blue) was a British police procedural drama series.

The show revolves around the daily lives of a number of police officers working at Holby South police station.

Watch Holby Blue on Hulu – The cast for series one included Jimmy Akingbola as PC Neil Parker, Joe Jacobs as PC William “Billy” Jackson, David Sterne as Sergeant Edward ‘Mac’ McFadden, Cal Macaninch as DI John Keenan, James Hillier as Sergeant Christian Young, Kacey Ainsworth as Inspector Jenny Black, Richard Harrington as DS Luke French, Zöe Lucker as Kate Keenan, Chloe Howman as PC Kelly Cooper, Kieran O’Brien as PC Robert Clifton, Tim Pigott-Smith as DCI Harry Hutchinson, Sara Powell as Rachel Barker and Elaine Glover as PC Lucy Slater.

Velibor Topić and Julie Cox joined the cast in a recurring capacity as drug baron Neculai Stenga and Mandy French, Luke French’s wife.

By the end of series one, Pigott-Smith and Topic both departed the show. Series two saw the introductions of Oliver Milburn as DCI Scott Vaughan and James Thornton as Constable Jake Loughton.

Watch Holby Blue on Hulu – Stephanie Langton took over from Julie Cox in series two to continue playing the role of Mandy.


Watch Holby Blue Plot on Hulu

Drama series about the challenges facing the police officers and CID unit of Holby South.

In series one, DI John Keenan learns that his estranged wife, Kate Keenan, is dating a new man.

John has sex with senior crown prosecutor Rachel Barker, but quickly regrets his decision to have sex with her.

Kate is then employed as a receptionist at the police station, but later attacks Rachel after she is provoked.

Kate tenders her resignation, but John manages to convince her to remain at the police station.

The pair later reconcile.

DS Luke French works with John to take down drugs baron Neculai Stenga.

DCI Harry Hutchinson acts as Neculai’s informant, but John is convinced that PC Billy Jackson is the informant.

John later learns that Harry is Neculai’s informant after catching him leaving Neculai’s warehouse, which leads to a hostage situation involving Kate and her children.

John and Luke rescue Kate and the children; although they are shot in the process, they both survive.

Newly appointed PC Lucy Slater is stabbed while out on duty.

She recovers, and begins dating a drug dealer.

Her former partner, PC Robert Clifton, learns of Lucy’s boyfriend’s criminal reputation and forces the pair to separate.

DS Luke French and his wife, Mandy French, fail their second attempt at IVF.

Luke and Mandy argue over Luke’s divided priorities between her and his terminally ill mother.

Luke agrees to put his terminally ill mother in a care home, but is later heartbroken when she dies following a fall.

PC Kelly Cooper struggles with her financial difficulties and considers stealing money she finds while out on duty.

Inspector Jenny Black ends her marriage with her husband, Alex Black, when she learns he is having an affair.

PC Neil Parker is offered a promotion, but he is dismayed upon learning it is political as opposed to merit-based.


Watch Holby Blue Episodes on Hulu

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 1
Despite his professional heroics, DI John Keenan has to face facts about his marriage.

With a dangerous paedophile on the loose, probationer Lucy Slater has a baptism of fire at Holby South.

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 2
DI Keenan has long had his sights set on arresting Neculai Stenga, a local Russian mobster who is heavily into the drugs and prostitution trade.

Up to now, Keenan has been unable to get the evidence to nail him but things may have changed.

Stenga’s girlfriend, Louise Martin, approaches PC William Jackson, whom she grew up with, to tell him that Stenga may have been responsible for the recent death of a prostitute who was thrown from a third story window.

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 3
With the information on the incoming shipment of crystal meth, the police finally manage to get the green light to stage a raid and arrest Neculai Stenga in the act.

It all goes wrong however and it’s obvious that Stenga has set them up.

While most think their informant was involved in the set-up, Keenan posits another theory. Having located the storage site for a robbery ring, PC Kelly Cooper gives into temptation.

PC Lucy Slater and Sgt. Macfadden are attacked by a disturbed man who takes them prisoner.

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 4
The police are looking for Steven Price, the informant who was supposed to set up Nekolai Stenga for a drug bust.

DS Luke French thinks that Price is probably dead but few agree with him, including DI Keenan.

What they don’t know is that there is a mole in the police force who tipped Stenga off about the raid.

The mole is also out to find out in which safe house Keenan has put Stenga’s girlfriend, Louise, another possible witness against the mobster.

The police arrest Vinnie Dwyer, a house burglar who takes his infant nephew with him while out on the job. out…

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 5
The investigation of Stenger continues and DI Keenan focuses on trying to find the mobster’s ex-girlfriend Louise.

She fled the police safe-house having lost faith in their ability to keep her safe after Stenger paid her a visit.

Keenan begins to believe that Stenger is getting information from inside the station and that they have a bent copper on their hands; he shares that view with DCI Harry Hutchinson who sets his sights on PC William Jackson.

PC Lucy Slater returns to work after her stay in hospital.

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 6
DI Keenan and DS French continue their investigation into Stenga.

They get a lead on locating Michael Martin who helped his sister, Stenga’s girlfriend, get away from both the hoodlum and police protection.

A well-respected solicitor Amina Akran has acid thrown in her face.

The police initially suspect the girl’s father who had disowned her after she became involved with someone he didn’t approve of.

PC Lucy Slater has a new boyfriend and is over the moon but PC Robert Clifton recognizes him as a drug dealer.

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 7
PC Robert Clifton is in hospital recovering from his recent encounter with a murder suspect – who poured boiling water on his genitals.

DS Luke French decides that his elderly mother will have to be put into a home.

Two women show up at the station with one claiming the other’s daughter has stolen her baby.

PC William Jackson decides to return to work after having resigned when accused of being a bent copper.

When DCI Hutchinson gets a call telling him that a local mobster – and chief rival to Nicolei Stenga – is getting a major drugs shipment, DI Keenan smells a rat.

Holby Blue on Hulu – Season 1 Episode 8
Now that DI Keenan knows the identity of the policeman on Stenga’s payroll, he has to decide what to do about it.

He tells DS French what he knows, but decides to give the dirty copper a chance to make amends.

The mole double crosses him and soon Stenga has taken Keenan’s wife and children hostage.

Meanwhile, there has been a rash of break-ins at electronics stores recently and the police focus on an ex-con who’s just been released from prison.

An elderly woman comes to he station however, telling them she is hearing voices telling where the next robbery is going to occur.

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