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- Mark Twain

Vinyl on Amazon


Vinyl on Amazon is a ride through the ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’-fueled music business of the 1970s.

There is only one season of Vinyl on Amazon and it gets trashed a lot in the rags but it’s easy to binge watch as it may not be a true story but it feels right.

Thanks significantly to Mick Jagger’s firsthand experience provides an insider’s view of what went down in rock ‘n’ roll — and punk, disco, and hip-hop — history.

Cannavale plays Richie Finestra, a record executive who is introduced at his wit’s end, buying coke on the street and snorting it up with gusto. His frantic situation unleashes a series of flashbacks, not just regarding what brought him to this point, but to his early days in the music business, when he found a signature act and began making inroads into the game.

Bobby Cannaval & Olivia Wild (Richie & Devon Finestra)

In 1973 NYC, record exec Richie Finestra and his partners are on the verge of selling their struggling label.

In the episode, “Yesterday Once More”, Richie delivers a bombshell that shocks American Century’s buyers–and blindsides his partners.

In epsiode 3, Whispered Secrets, Richie trims the American Century roster; Devon tries her hand at fundraising in the suburbs.

In “The Racket”, Richie charms a funk superstar; Skip looks to unload a shipment of Donny Osmond LPs.

In episode 5, “He in Racist Fire”, Devon (Olivia Wilde) plays the vixen at dinner with Richie, Hannibal and Cece; Kip faces a band dilemma.

In “Cyclone”, Richie falls in a deeper well of depravity as Devon seeks refuge with old friends at the Chelsea Hotel.

In episode7, The King and I”, On a hunch, Richie and Zak travel to Las Vegas in hopes of persuading Elvis Presley to switch labels.

In “‘E.A.B.”, A desperate Richie approaches Galasso about a loan; Kip gets a crash course in the blues from Lester.

In episode 9, Rock and Roll Queen”, Richie faces a dilemma as the heat is turned up in the Buck Rogers murder case.

In the final episode, “Alibi”, Zak maps out a dangerous plan to bring down Richie; Kip’s excesses threaten an important Nasty Bits gig.

HBO said they spent $100 million on the entire first season of Vynyl. Producers are Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter. Starring: Bobby Cannavale, Olivia Wilde, Ray Romano

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