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The Hunt for Raoul Moat


The Hunt for Raoul Moat – Follows the police operation in 2010 to apprehend fugitive Raoul Moat.

Raoul Moat went to Northumbria after killing one person and wounding two others.

On 1 July 2010, Moat was released from prison.

Raoul Moat had just served an 18-week sentence for assaulting a nine-year-old relative.

Raoul Moat, the 37-year-old former bodybuilder was around 6ft 3in tall, 17-stone and prone to “eruptions of anger”.

Two days after Raoul Moat’s release, Moat went to the house where his ex-girlfriend Stobbart (with whom he shared a young daughter) and her new partner, 29-year-old karate instructor Brown, were staying.


Storyline for The Hunt for Raoul Moat

Raoul Moat came to national notoriety in 2010 when he shot former girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and her new boyfriend Chris Brown in Birtley, Gateshead, killing Chris Brown.

Moat then launched a vendetta against Northumbria Police, blinding PC David Rathband with a shotgun blast before going on the run.

It sparked a huge police manhunt that led to Rothbury, Northumberland, where Moat was cornered before shooting himself.


Episodes of The Hunt for Raoul Moat

The Hunt for Raoul Moat – S1.E1 ∙ Episode #1.1

The fact-based crime drama begins with Samantha Stobbart striking up a new romance, but she is increasingly nervous about her abusive ex-partner Raoul Moat – who is about to be released from prison.

The Hunt for Raoul Moat – S1.E2 ∙ Episode #1.2

After his attack on PC David Rathband has terrible consequences, Moat continues to evade capture and doubles down on his threats against the police.

Senior officers try to manage the manhunt amid reports his prison release was mishandled.

The Hunt for Raoul Moat – S1.E3 ∙ Episode #1.3

The manhunt focuses on the village of Rothbury. The press attention is antagonizing Moat, prompting police to request a media blackout.

The police enlist the help of a survival expert, but a fresh sighting makes another attack seem likely.

Binge The Hunt for Raoul Moat

The Hunt for Raoul Moat – Days into the manhunt, police secretly recruited TV survival expert Ray Mears to help track Moat’s movements.

Mears later said he’ll never know if he was responsible for flushing Moat out, but he believes he and the search team were within 20 meters of him.

On 9 July, Moat was discovered hiding in the National Trust’s Cragside estate in the parish of Cartington.

A tense, hours-long standoff ensued with the criminal holding a sawn-off shotgun to his neck.

It was at this point that Gascoigne arrived, claiming he knew Moat and had brought him chicken and lager.

He was not allowed access to the negotiation.

In the early hours of the following morning, shots were heard, with Moat sustaining a gunshot wound that killed him.

The Hunt for Raoul Moat – A coroner ruled the following week that Moat had died by suicide after shooting himself in the head.

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