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Rust Valley Restorers Mike Hall


Rust Valley Restorers Mike Hall – The makers of Rust Valley Restorers first spotted the potential for a TV show about Mike Hall and his Canadian restoration shop when he hit the headlines for making an unusual business move.

Mike Hall was a high-danger-pay-scale rock climber who appeared on the show Highway Through Hell. This show was a rather edge-of-the-seat series about the treacherous mountainous highways of British Columbia, and people who went through accidents, recovery, and towing.

In 2017, Rust Bros Mike Hall had decided that he wanted to get rid of his property and the cars on it and put the whole lot on the market for $1.19 million. Instead of lowering the price when he didn’t have any takers, Mike Hall increased the price to $1.45 million for Rust Valley Restorers and suddenly found himself at the center of a media storm, which led to the History Channel approaching him about a series.

Hall has two primary sources of income. These include his work on television and the restoration company he set up, ‘Rust Bros.’

Mike Hall’s net worth is $5 million.

Rust Valley Restorers Unlike Other Reality Shows

Rust Valley Restorers Mike Hall- Many of the motoring reality TV shows have become victims of their success. The repair shops in some reality shops and even the mechanics themselves have become so famous that they often carry out custom work for celebrity customers, while their other vehicles are priced well beyond the reach of ordinary motorists.

That isn’t the case with Mike Hall’s Rust Valley Restorers, as anyone who is a fan of the show can buy a car that has been given a new lease of life by the Rust Bros Restorations team, often at a very reasonable price.

Today, Hall continues to pursue his passion for restoring cool classics, even if it means selling them for less than he spent to repair them. And though he admits that fixing up cars doesn’t go as fast as he’d like now that he’s a reality TV star, Mike has a highly supportive wife (who’s also a classic car enthusiast), son, and friends who help him with this business.

Mike realizes that he owns more than he could possibly fix, so he is looking for a savvy investor to take over. Until then, he keeps working on the cars with his team as he pursues his passion for vintage car restoration. His friends and family worry that he often falls in love with the car they’re working to restore. They believe that this can cloud Mike’s judgment and cause him to sometimes sell the car for less than he spent on the restoration in order to give people their dream vehicles.

Rust Valley Restorers Mike Hall


Rust Valley Restorers

Rust Valley Restorers is a restoration shop run by a team of colorful and charismatic characters use their impressive skills and experience to restore, trade and sell classic cars – transforming piles of rust into collectible car treasures.

A crew of car lovers, led by Mike Hall, at a garage in the Rocky Mountains transforms abandoned heaps of rust into collectible classics.

Rust Valley Restorers is a car renovation show with a difference.

Instead of carrying out commissions for paying clients, or cruising the streets looking for cars with potential, the team at Rust Bros Restorations in the small Canadian town of Tappen have access to their vast stock of vehicles, many of which have seen better days.

Rust Valley Restorers made its TV debut in 2018 and has run so far for two seasons on the History Channel in Canada and on Netflix in the rest of the world.

The Covid-19 epidemic delayed the release of some of Rust Valley Restorers episodes in the second series, but fans can now watch the whole season on Netflix.

The Rust Valley Restorers show is set in an area called Rust Valley, near to the town of Tappen in British Columbia. The area gets its name from the vast fields which are full of rusting old cars, making the area look like a massive junkyard.

The owner of Rust Bros Restorations, Mike Hall, owns at least 400 of these rust buckets, and Rust Valley Restorers sees Hall and the rest of his team is doing their best to return some of the most valuable cars to their former glory.

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