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Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings


Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings – This docuseries explores how legendarily ruthless football coach Urban Meyer turned the ragtag 2000s-era Florida Gators into a ferocious winning machine.

The Florida Gators won two championships with Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow in 2006 and 2008.

The team was also known for many legal troubles and is now featured in a new Netflix docuseries.

Below, a look at the biggest names from the team and series and where their careers went next.


Storyline for Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings

Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings –

The University of Florida hired Urban Meyer as their head coach after building the programs at Bowling Green University and the University of Utah.

In six years, he won two national championships and then retired due to health concerns.

Meyer revealed in the documentary that the stress made it hard for him to sleep, and he became addicted to Ambien and was even worried he would die.

While the team launched several big names to greatness — Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer, etc. — it was also plagued by a lot of players who ran into legal troubles, including the notorious Aaron Hernandez.


Episodes for Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings

Go Hard or Go Home
New coach Urban Meyer drives the scrappy Florida Gators to unprecedented, intense training with a singular goal: winning a national championship.

Episodes for Netflix’s Untold Swamp KingsA New Chapter
An influx of young talent energizes the team, though the new recruits have yet to be tried and tested on the playing field.

Trouble in the Swamp
Media attention, fame and fortune threaten to distract the Gators from achieving greatness.

The team is dealt a crushing blow.

Episodes for Netflix’s Untold Swamp KingsThe Pain of Greatness
Quarterback Tim Tebow and the Gators vow to train and play harder than any team in history but will their efforts be enough to secure their legacy?

Urban Meyer & Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings

Since leaving the Gators, Meyer returned to coaching and led Ohio State to a national championship in 2014.

In 2018, he once again retired due to health concerns.

After a stint as a Fox analyst, he returned to coaching.

This time in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he was fired after just 13 games.

He is now once again an analyst for Fox.

Tim Tebow & Netflix’s Untold Swamp Kings

Tim Tebow was the undisputed star of the Gators, especially in 2007, when he won the Heisman Trophy, and in 2008, when he became the starting quarterback for the national championship team.

Tebow was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos.

He spent just two seasons with the Broncos, winning one playoff game.

He was traded to the Jets, where he spent one season mostly on special teams.

He later failed to make the rosters with the Patriots and Eagles before leaving football to pursue a career as a professional baseball player.

He tried football again in 2021 with the Jaguars and Urban Meyer, which ended before the season started.

Tebow is now an analyst for ESPN, an author, and a motivational speaker.

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