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Crime Drama Series Dark Heart


Crime Drama Series Dark Heart – Tom Riley stars as DI Will Wagstaffe in this crime-drama series written by award-winning screenwriter, Chris Lang.

Based on a series of novels by Adam Creed, `Dark Heart’ follows the personal and professional life of Wagstaffe.

The detective is great at his day job but is haunted by the unsolved murders of his parents which happened when he was only a teenager.

Crime Drama Series Dark Heart – Resultantly, he struggles to make close connections to those around him and relies heavily on his sister, played by Charlotte Riley, for support.


Crime Drama Series Dark Heart Plot

DI William Wagstaffe is taking long overdue leave to chase the haunting murder of his parents in Spain 16 years ago.

But before he even boards his flight, he is called to investigate what turns out to be a string of grisly murders during a London heatwave.

The troubled man is DI Will Wagstaffe (Tom Riley), whose parents were the ones he was envisioning; they were murdered seventeen years ago, when he was a teenager.

He gets called back from his holiday to investigate the murder scene, where the guy was bound and gagged, a bottle of whiskey dumped down his throat, and he’s been castrated.

He apparently died of a heart attack from the trauma.

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Crime Drama Series Dark Heart Episodes

Crime Drama Series Dark Heart Episode 1

During a heatwave, DI Will Wagstaffe and his team investigate what turns out to be a series of horrifying and brutal attacks on accused but unconvicted paedophiles.

Episode 2

The heatwave continues and so does DI Will Wagstaffe’s investigation into the horrendous murders of unconvicted paedophiles.

Episode 3

The team investigate the death of a young nurse on the London Underground. CCTV reveals the victim fleeing an invisible assailant, forensics find a DNA link which changes everything.

Episode 4

As the team delves deeper into the mysterious poisonings, Staffe suspects that whoever is behind the attempts to cover up the supply chain has a powerful influence.

Crime Drama Series Dark Heart Episode 5

A young woman is found murdered in an East London church and Staffe must establish if the culprit is her stalker or if the answer lies in her tumultuous personal life.

Episode 6

When a prime suspect in the Suzy Moyland murder case is discovered dead in the same East London church, Staffe finds himself at a crossroads.

Is this the sad act of a devastated partner or simply a cowardly exit by a guilty murderer?

Crime Drama Series Dark Heart

 Wagstaffe isn’t an antihero who drinks while driving or flips off all authority; his trouble is from the unsolved murder of his parents.

He just can’t get it out of his mind, and that’s what drives him to actually excel at his job, even when he’s investigating pedophiles getting castrated.

Tom Riley does a nice job showing Wagstaffe’s pain, especially when he reacts to his sister’s lack of attention to the murder’s anniversary.

He’s even got it calculated to the point where he will have lived longer without his parents than with them, and he doesn’t understand how Jules can think that he’ll never find who killed them

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