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Binge Watch The Victim


Binge Watch The Victim from BritBox on Prime Video- A grieving mother Anna Dean (Kelly MacDonald) is accused of identifying the man she believes killed her son online, and leads to his brutal attack at home.

The man who is so nervous is Craig Myers (James Harkness), but he’s not the one on trial.

We go back six months and see that the bus driver is the victim of an attack that happened to him on Halloween, right after he and his daughter were trick or treating.

The attack happened at his house; he got his head slammed in his door, then he got knocked out.

Binge Watch The Victim – He survived the attack, barely, and he and his wife Rebecca (Karla Crome) have no idea why he was attacked.

While we see Craig getting off work, and spending time with his family and hound of a best buddy, Tom Carpenter (John Scougall), we also see Anna Dean (Kelly Macdonald) leaving her job at a local hospital and help out a young addict who she’s cared for before.

While getting ready for Halloween with her adult daughter from her previous marriage, Louise Graham (Isis Hainsworth), she tells her young son that he can’t go out with his friends.

Binge Watch The Victim – We later find out why; she’s suffered a huge trauma, losing her son Liam fifteen years prior.


Binge Watch The Victim From BritBox on Prime Video

On the night of Halloween, father and husband Craig Myers is brutally attacked, leading him to discover that an online post has accused him of being the notorious child killer, who was previously known as Eddie J Turner.

An investigation into the attack and the post casts suspicion on Anna Dean, whose son was murdered 15 years prior, and she is accused of conspiring to have Craig murdered.

The emotionally charged court case that follows gives a glimpse into Scotland’s unique legal system and calls into question the traditional labels of victim and accused.

binge-watch-the-victim-Episodes-of-The-Victim-on-Prime Video

Episodes of The Victim on Prime Video

Binge Watch The Victim – Episode One

Fifteen years after her son’s murder, Anna Dean (Kelly Macdonald) arrives at Edinburgh High Court for the start of a major court case – but is she the victim or the accused?

Binge Watch The Victim – Episode Two

Anna is determined to prove that Grover is wrong and that Craig is Eddie J. Turner. Craig’s appearance in the witness box brings revelations about his past.

With his life imploding, an isolated Craig hits a new low as the trial draws near.

Anna’s desperate obsession with proving that Craig is Eddie J. Turner is in danger of ripping her family apart.

Meanwhile Detective Inspector Grover discovers a potentially vital new witness.

Binge Watch The Victim – Episode Three

The jury returns its verdict and Anna discovers her fate in court. Craig and Anna are brought face to face once more as part of the judicial process, and shocking new revelations come to light.

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