“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”

- Mark Twain

Binge The Accident on Hulu


Binge The Accident on Hulu – A close-knit community in a small Welsh town is hopeful of a better and more prosperous future when a large construction project is planned in the area.

But when a terrible explosion rips through the site, killing many — including children — the accident devastates the community.

The immediate loss of loved ones is heartbreaking, but the community also feels its sense of hope vanish in the aftermath.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – The daughter of the local politician who pushed for the construction work is left with a permanent disability, a visible sign of the grief and rage that threatens to tear the town apart.


Binge Episodes of The Accident on Hulu

A Welsh community devastated by tragedy is forced to confront difficult truths amid the search for justice.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – Episode 1

A group of teenagers in a Welsh town break into a construction site to make mischief, only for an explosion to claim the lives of several of the children.

As the locals struggles to come to terms with the tragedy, one mother directs her anger at the boss of the building project, determined to get justice.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – Episode 2

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Polly worries that husband, Iwan, might be hiding something.

Angela gathers the families to fight for justice, and as Harriet faces questions at work, her assistant – and lover – Tim acts to protect her by leaking information that drives a wedge through the town.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – Episode 3

The inquest opens, and questions are asked of Iwan, Alan and Harriet.

Polly is asked to betray Iwan to get the evidence the victims’ families need, while Harriet’s boss faces her with an impossible choice – with devastating results for Tim.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – Episode 4

Harriet is in the dock for gross negligence manslaughter as the families’ private prosecution finally arrives in court.

Angela and the others have nearly bankrupted themselves to fund the case. Will it all have been worth it?

Polly fears for Leona, who wants to give evidence, but it is her relationship with Iwan that presents her with the most challenging questions.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – This is a terrific piece of British television.

There is something intrinsically British about its approach.

It is well written and beautifully acted in a simple, truthful and understated way.

Binge The Accident on Hulu – The message of the Accident is a message of one woman’s inherent goodness in the face of loss, hurt and corporate greed is told without show or sensationalism.

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