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- Mark Twain

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime


Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – See life inside as you’ve never seen it before.

Officer Leigh Henry risks it all to keep the job she holds dear in this unique prison drama that reveals that there is more to prison life than we know.


The Basic Plot of Screw on Amazon Prime

Drama series revealing the uncensored, shocking and often darkly funny reality of life as a prison officer in an all-male prison in 21st century Britain.

Screw is banking on viewers seeing the funny side, promising a comedy-drama that offers more than the familiar misery.

There isn’t that much humor in this opening episode, bar the odd witty line or two, though I suspect that when the comedy does come, it will be more on the dry side than characters slipping on contraband banana skins.

This is broad and warm and welcoming, with enough of a sharp side to make it worth sticking with.

Nina Sosanya is Leigh Henry, an officer so dedicated to her job on Long Marsh Prison’s male C-wing that she appears to be secretly living there, in a cell she keeps free for that very purpose.

It’s her story, at least to start with.

She has spent more of her life working in the prison than out of it, she explains, as she campaigns for a promotion to custodial manager, a role that will allow her to make real change.

She’s the officer who cares.

The twist is that if she doesn’t get the job, her current position becomes redundant.

The stakes are high.

All she needs is one slow, boring, normal day on the job to prove she can manage it.


Binge Episodes of Screw on Amazon Prime

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – Episode 1

Prison officer Leigh lives for her job at Long Marsh men’s prison. But when mouthy young Rose arrives, fresh out of training, C Wing will never be the same again.

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – Episode 2

As the pressure on her rises, how far will Leigh go to save her job? Rose starts to find her feet in a terrifying new world.

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – Episode 3

Will Leigh cross the line between officer and criminal?

Rose carries out a dangerous mission, and finds herself trapped in a potentially deadly double bind.

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – Episode 4

Leigh becomes increasingly isolated from her skeptical colleagues.

A guilt-ridden Rose takes a chance to make amends. Toby’s suspicions lead him to his own investigations.

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – Episode 5

With C Wing on lockdown, the prisoners’ mental health reaches crisis point in an under-resourced and chaotic system.

Meanwhile, Rose sees an opportunity, and Toby threatens to escalate his suspicions.

Binge Screw on Amazon Prime – Episode 6

As Long Marsh comes under the spotlight, life on the tense and paranoid C Wing is altered forever – and everyone is a suspect.

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