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Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix


Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – A sexual consent scandal amongst British privileged elite and the women caught up in its wake.

Anatomy of a Scandal is a British anthology series set in a world full of power and privilege, with Sienna Miller and Rupert Friend starring in the first season.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – The drama series is based on the international bestseller of the same name written by Sarah Vaughan, an ex-journalist who reportedly drew on her personal experience working as a courtroom reporter and political correspondent to write the novel.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – Season 1 focuses on the high-profile marriage of Sophie and James, whose lives begin spiraling out of control when scandalous secrets are uncovered.

Infiltrates Britain’s elite through personal and political scandal, where the truth lies between justice and privilege.

James and Sophie Whitehouse live in a blissful, rarified world.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – A Minister in Parliament with a loving family at home–James’ trajectory appears without limits.

Until a scandalous secret suddenly comes to light.

Barrister Kate Woodcroft has her own trajectory, and her prosecution threatens to tear into Westminster, the Whitehouse marriage, and her own personal esteem.


Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix Episodes

Anatomy of a Scandal revolves around a political sex scandal when parliamentary minister James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend) is accused of raping his former mistress.

The story jumps back and forth between present-day Westminster and Oxford University in the 1990s (where James and Sophie attended school).

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – E01, Episode 1
James scrambles to mitigate the scandal’s impact, while a devastated but determined Sophie remembers happier moments and Kate weighs her next move.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – E02, Episode 2
Sophie feels the fallout from the accusations swirling around James, who rallies a longtime friend for support; Kate prepares for her first witness.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – E03, Episode 3
Kate questions Olivia about what happened in the elevator; Sophie reels from new information about James; pressure mounts on the prime minister.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – E04, Episode 4
Needing time to think, Sophie takes the kids to the countryside; Kate is off her game in court; memories surface of Jame’s long-ago encounter with Holly.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – E05, Episode 5
Ahead of a critical day in court, Kate confides in a friend, as Sophie pieces together the night she attended a university party with James and Holly.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – E06, Episode 6
Sophie’s suspicions crystallize after James discloses more details about that fateful night at Oxford; an apprehensive Kate awaits the verdict.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix Episodes >>

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – The series revolves around the lives of the privileged few in the upper class of British politics.

For the first season, Anatomy of a Scandal follows the lives of Sophie and James Whitehouse.

James, a high-ranking Westminster politician, is thriving and looks set to continue his successful political career with the support of his wife and family.

However, he may be about to lose his career and his family when he’s accused of rape by an ex-lover.

The allegations are too much for his wife, Sophie, who believed her husband to be a good man.

However, her belief in her husband, while strong initially, begins to waver as the truth starts to unravel, leaving her questioning her marriage and the events that led up to this point.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix – David E. Kelley

Anatomy of a Scandal is the latest David E. Kelley creation hitting Netflix.

Kelley collaborated with House of Cards scribe Melissa James Gibson on this British psychological thriller.

At just six episodes, each only running about 40-45 minutes each, the courtroom drama promises to be a quick and entertaining weekend binge-watch.

Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix Trivia

The fictitious “Libertines Club” to which James Whitehouse belonged whilst an Oxford student was based on the real Oxford “Bullingdon Club,” a drinking and dining club originally founded at Oxford as a hunting and cricket club in 1780.

Phoebe Nicholls plays Sienna Miller’s mother-in-law, Tuppence Whitehouse, in the series. In real life Phoebe is the mother of Tom Sturridge, who was engaged to Sienna Miller & who is father of Sienna Miller’s son, Marlow.

A hidden spoiler in Episode 1 suggests that James is indeed the villain. When Sophie texts James from her iPhone, his responses are in green, meaning that he is [possibly] not on an iPhone.

Apple has a policy that it will not clear use of its iPhone in movies by the villain.

This policy was first made public when “Knives Out.”

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