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- Mark Twain

Best Lunch Spot in Bolgheri


Enoteca Tognoni, Address: Via Lauretta, 5, 57022 Bolgheri LI, Italy, Phone: +39 0565 762001

Here at the Enoteca, it is possible to stop, relax and enjoy an appetizer or meal that is characteristic of the area, such as ribollita, bruschette, crostini, flavorful cold cuts, in oil (hand cut vegetables under olive oil – a local specialty) as well as an elegant selection of cheeses. All of the aforementioned are naturally accompanied by unique local wines of this world famous region.

Enoteca (plural: Enoteche) is an Italian word that is derived from the Greek word Οινοθήκη, which literally means “wine repository” but it is used to describe a special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy. The concept of an enoteca has also spread to some other countries.

Enoteca is a temple to taste, both gastronomic and oenological. Sassicaia is among dozens of local wines available to sample. The menu changes daily according to what is fresh at the market: its pappardelle (flat pasta ribbons) laced in wild-boar ragù is an unmissable autumnal classic.

We stopped at Enoteca Tognoni for lunch during our wine tour in Bolgheri and the food was fantastic. In fact, the ravioli was so good I reordered it after devouring the initial order. The wine selection is beyond belief. We drank a bottle of Ornellaia.

Some of the super tuscans available were Masseto, Ornellaia, Sassicia, Guado Al Tasso.

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