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Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – With the exception of one understandable pause in 2020, the MICHELIN Guide has been reviewing fine-dining restaurants around the world for over a century and awarding the best-of-the-best with a ranking through the coveted MICHELIN Star system.

Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – After all that restaurants have endured over the past two years, the fact that fine-dining establishments have returned with the high caliber of service they’re known for is remarkable in and of itself.

Here are the 2022 Star selections for California that have ,Multiple Michelin Stars.


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Quince

3 Michelin Stars

470 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, 94133, USA
$$$$ · Contemporary, Californian

An air of refinement infuses this dining room, thanks to a Murano chandelier, stylish diners and everything in between.

No wonder it’s where affluent tourists and locals come to celebrate special occasions.

From the moment that champagne cart arrives to the last bite of the guéridon’s mignardises, service is wonderfully paced.

The menu unfolds as a series of compositions that are laser-focused on product; say a petite bowl of perfect chanterelle mushrooms arranged with shaved ribbons of celtuce and slicked with lardo.

Pasta has always been the chef’s forte, and newer creations have included a daring twirl of beet-red artisanal spaghetti with Tsar Nicoulai caviar and sturgeon crema or a divine bowlful of agnolottini verdi filled with smoked squab.


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco Benu

3 Michelin Stars

22 Hawthorne St., San Francisco, 94105, USA
$$$$ · Asian, Contemporary

Benu is an oasis in the center of the city. 

Patience seems to define this kitchen in its relentless pursuit of excellence, whether that may be perfecting technique or waiting for just the right moment to serve an ingredient at its peak.

Meals begin with a series of highly technical small bites.

While these delicacies alone may rival some of the country’s most ambitious tasting menus, there’s more.

Faux-shark’s fin and xiao long bao are a delightful classic, but Chef Corey Lee continues to reimagine and redefine his nightly offerings. 

Dishes like barbecued quail with house-made XO sauce and an elevated take on traditional Korean beef barbecue convey a distinct personality and reflect a singular marriage between contemporary Asian influences.


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Atelier Crenn

3 Michelin Stars

3127 Fillmore St., San Francisco, 94123, USA
$$$$ · Contemporary, French

At the hands of accomplished Chef Dominique Crenn, guests have rightly come to expect a thrilling meal inside her singular atelier.

Another exclusive hallmark of dining here is the deeply hospitable and exemplary staff. 

Original is the name of this culinary game—one that is as thoughtful in serving brioche with cultured butter as it is with caviar crowned by turbot gelée and gold leaf.

Spiny lobster with dots of apple butter and a warm ginger-whey foam is a wondrous creation brimming with flavor and depth.

Not far behind, tender abalone with smoked mussel sauce and cabbage is deliciously divine.

Pastry Chef/partner Juan Contreras’ desserts make for a novel finale.

His snowflake, subtly redolent of eucalyptus, is as much a conversation piece as it is confection. 


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Birdsong

2 Michelin Stars

1085 Mission St., San Francisco, 94103, USA
$$$$ · Contemporary, American

Live fire is of the essence at this high-ceilinged and elegantly appointed dining room.

Chef Christopher Bleidorn’s skill lies in his ability to combine the rugged appeal of flame-kissed meats with a delicate touch and palpable sense of whimsy.

Look no further than the lacquered quail with grilled Parker House rolls and crunchy pickles to be assembled à la Peking duck. 

His team’s impressive variety of techniques wring out every fleck of flavor from such pristine ingredients as creek trout, presented as roe with kelp kombucha sabayon; or “tail end” lox served on crispy skin.

The playful and spontaneous spirit carries on until the end—with the possible arrival of tart blueberries and crème fraîche hidden beneath lemon mochi bites and a bee pollen-dusted tuile.


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Acquerello

2 Michelin Stars

1722 Sacramento St., San Francisco, 94109, USA
$$$$ · Italian, Contemporary

Chef Suzette Gresham’s menus promise expertise and finesse, with a carefully curated wine list to match.

Count yourself lucky if your meal begins with her famed parmesan budino surrounded by black truffle “caviar.”

Handmade pastas combine classic technique with a touch of personal style, like perfectly formed “piramidi” filled with Madeira-braised guinea hen, matched with tender sweetbreads and chanterelles. 

Vitello tonnato is elegantly reimagined into a geometric tableau accented with parmesan panna cotta and black olive gelée. 

Skillful desserts aren’t beholden to tradition, as in a passionfruit baba with mango and Thai basil, but save room for one of the best mignardises carts in town—stocked with house-made chocolates, macarons, pâtes de fruits and caramels. 


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Californios

2 Michelin Stars

355 11th St., San Francisco, 94103, USA
$$$$ · Mexican, Contemporary

This temple of culinary fusion in SoMa is where Chef Val M. Cantu turns out a parade of familiar dishes turned complex and deliciously unique.

The radiant servers merely enhance this deeply personal element.

Start with a quick succession of snacks, like a Oaxacan green masa tart filled with smoked sturgeon mousse, or a mini infladita filled with guajillo chileatole and crowned with Hokkaido uni. 

A sliver of grilled Cavendish banana is then presented with savory dulce de leche mounted with caviar; while a lamb chop with green garlic salsa and morels is accompanied by a fragrant lamb jus- lemon- and cilantro-broth.

A scoop of buttery horchata ice cream with fresh strawberries and sweet coulis makes for a most memorable sendoff.


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Saison

2 Michelin Stars

178 Townsend St., San Francisco, 94107, USA
$$$$ · Californian, Contemporary

t once playful and profoundly earnest, this privileged playpen is adored by the Bay Area’s elite.

The studied cool of the kitchen extends to its crowd; and the striking warehouse setting, blends rusticity with refinement.

Everything revolves around the roaring hearth.
The kitchen is in steady hands and proffers an immersive experience.

First, caviar cured with salt “barbecued” by the team, is wrapped in a seaweed bundle, then presented tableside before being set in a bowl of wilted, silken spinach and a seaweed-and-butter broth.

Then, 18-day dry-aged antelope saddle medallion is an intriguing delight with jus made from bones and dried cherry leaf, thinly sliced preserved kumquat and a cup of bone broth to wash it all down.


Michelin Star Restaurants in San Francisco – Lazy Bear

2 Michelin Stars

3416 19th St., San Francisco, 94110, USA
$$$$ · Contemporary, Modern Cuisine

This fine-dining dinner party has its origins as an underground phenom, but today anyone can try to score a seat.

The nightly tasting menu is served in a swanky, bi-level warehouse decked out like a mogul’s hunting lodge.

The menu has a sweeping creative scope, drawing on both nostalgia and current culinary trends with a confident swagger.

Highlights include a trio of oysters, each gussied up in a different fashion: raw with pickled ramp foam and rhubarb; broiled à la Rockefeller, in a creamy green garlic glaçage; or fried with a spicy XO chili oil and tangy ranch.

Bold flavors presented with flair are a common thread, like in a buttery A5 Wagyu ribeye paired with a sweet-and-savory oxtail and sour cherry tart, perfect lattice crust, and all.

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