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Exclusive Pizza Making Class


Exclusive Pizza Making Class – Dan Richer doesn’t believe the perfect pizza exists, but he has spent the past 20 years trying to make it anyway.

And he’s getting close: The wood-fired pies at his Jersey City, N.J., restaurant Razza are now ranked fourth among the best pizzas in America—and 27th in the world.

The pizzaiolo and chef has even written one of the preeminent tomes on the craft.

They offer an exclusive hands-on pizza-making class at the restaurant, followed by a tasting menu to be cooked by Richer himself.


Exclusive Pizza Making Class

Everyone in your group will begin by making dough.

“Pizza is a living, breathing thing until it’s eaten, and we have to nurture this combination of flour, water, and salt,” Richer says.

Then he’ll demonstrate the correct way to shape and stretch the dough to produce a finely balanced crust.

The students will take turns baking pizzas in the wood-fired furnace while Richer offers advice on how to achieve the best results, even when cooking in your home oven.

Then it’s time to settle in and let Richer do all the work as he personally prepares a multicourse tasting menu.

The feast begins with Razza’s bread and house-cultured butter, followed by seasonal vegetables.

The pies will progress from vegetarian white pizzas to heartier, meat-filled red-sauce styles. The meal will conclude with all the desserts on the restaurant’s menu at the time of your experience.

Richer wants you to walk away full of food—and the knowledge to make yourself an exceptional pizza at home—so bring every question, problem, and hypothesis you can think of.

Exclusive Pizza Making Class At Razza

At Razza, they aspire to the Italian way of cooking and eating, where location and seasonality dictate your ingredients.

You eat the vegetables that are grown near you and stray from the ones that are not.

The seasons and your land will tell you which ingredients to prepare.

That process is carried through every decision we make because it is the ingredients we use that help us create the best possible food.

The flour we use is milled in Clifton.

They make their own bread and our own butter. Each ingredient is hand-picked, down to the salt that goes on the pizza.

They have grown their own yeast culture that they believe makes a better pie.

Their beer and wine list has been selected specifically to pair with their food, even if it means a brand or label almost completely unknown.

Exclusive Pizza Making Class – Dan Richer, Chef & Owner

Born and raised in Matawan, New Jersey, Dan always had a passion for food.

He received his Bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University, where he skipped the graduation ceremony and flew to Italy.

There, he found food and a way of cooking that was so incredibly different than anything he had ever experienced in the United States.

After returning home, he began to cook and was inspired to learn everything he could about Italian cooking techniques and ingredients.

He started a catering company at first, and then began working in professional kitchens.

In 2007, Dan purchased a small pizzeria in Maplewood, New Jersey, and turned a struggling pizzeria into a fun, lively neighborhood restaurant lauded for its fresh ingredients and artisanal pizza. In recognition of his cooking,

Dan was a James Beard Foundation Rising Star Chef semi-finalist in 2011.

In 2017, Razza received a 3 star review from the New York Times, and in 2019 was named Best Pizza in North America by 50 Best.

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