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Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge


Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge – This event is a staple of the holidays in Breckenridge.

A parade of hundreds of local four-legged friends – over half of which are Bernese Mountain Dogs – take over Breckenridge Main Street for this whimsical display.

This adorable procession begins at 2:30 PM on 12/3 and travels to the north end of Main Street.

the town of Breckenridge, Colorado hosted the perfect winter event for dog lovers. In a video shared by one of the attendees, people and their trusty canine companions gathered to celebrate the lovely Bernese Mountain Dog breed.

Over 300 Bernese Mountain Dogs descended on the town for the annual parade this past weekend with many other breeds joining in for the festivities as well.

Bernese-Mountain-Dog-Parade-in-Breckenridge -Berner-Pulling-a-Cart

Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge – Berner Pulling a Cart

People organize parades to celebrate specific dog breeds as a joyful expression of admiration and camaraderie among enthusiasts.

These parades serve as a platform for passionate dog lovers to come together, showcasing the unique qualities and charm of a particular breed. 

There’s no surprise that people lined up to celebrate Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The breed has a winning combination of gentle temperament, loyalty, and striking appearance all while being renowned for their affectionate nature.

These majestic dogs form strong bonds with their families, often displaying a calm and patient demeanor, and they are known for being great with children, making them ideal family pets.

Bernese-Mountain-Dog-Parade-in-Breckenridge -Berners-in-Costume

Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge – Berners in Costume

The Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge began in 2011 because of a Bernese Mountain Dog named Clyde.

Clyde was adopted from the Summit County Animal Shelter and Clyde had never really been socialized or walked on a leash. 

So Clyde’s new guardians in conjunction with the Town of Breckenridge began this annual parade as part of The Lighting of Breckenridge. 

Clyde was a rascal to say the least.

Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge

The Christmas Carolers will lead off the Procession. 

We ask that the dogs with carts lead off the parade in a single line.  

Everyone else then begins to walk North on Main Street in rows behind the dogs with carts. 

Security will be walking with everyone to make sure the path is clear and everyone remains safe.

The entire group walks to Blue River Plaza in the Center of town. 

The dogs with carts will be directed to a special viewing area. 

All other dogs turn right on to Washington St and line up on the hill.

Those people and dogs running in the Santa Race will continue on down to start the Santa Race. 

Look for elves to help direct you. 

The actual Lighting of the Tree is not until 5 PM.

The most important part of this whole event is to have fun.

Bernese Mountain Dog Parade in Breckenridge Video

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