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Accessories for Dog Travel


Accessories for Dog Travel – All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Accessories for Dog Travel – On breezy trips to far-flung cities and hard-hitting hiking trails alike, it’s crucial to load up with the proper dog travel accessories to keep man’s best friend happy.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Whether your idea of a good time is lounging in the sun at a hip Airbnb or taking your pupper camping, dogs get cold, need water, and have first aid emergencies just like the rest of us.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Here’s what they recommend keeping in a backpack or carry-on to make traveling with a dog easier and safer.


Accessories for Dog Travel – A Dog Leash

Consider a dog leash that is water-resistant and made of a durable materials.

Make sure the connections of the leash to the collar or harness are well made and secure.

Most dog leashes are made of materials like nylon webbing or synthetic rope, both of which stand up well to inclement weather and are resistant to fraying or tearing.

Nylon leashes tend to be both affordable and sturdy but they do fray so you may want to consider an extra-tough materials like coated metal.

If the leashes you’re considering have any metal clips, carabiners, or rings, look for metal that is coated and rust-resistant and clips that will stay securely closed — some might even have locking mechanisms to keep your dog’s leash from coming loose.

Lastly, padded or reinforced handles will help protect your hands when walking dogs with strong pulling instincts.

They can also help when working with a dog that is much stronger than you.

Accessories for Dog Travel – PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The Easy Walk harness has been a godsend for hiking.

The front-anchor point gives me more leverage when my dog pulls, making it less obnoxious and easier to control.

Subtle features like this are key when romping around a new city with your furry companion–distractions are high, smells are captivating, plus there are loads of new people.

Keeping your dog in check with a sturdy harness will help make both urban and trail adventures more fun and less of a headache.


More Dog Harnesses

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness stands out in part because it has a vest shape that doesn’t constrict a dog’s neck like a traditional harness does when someone tugs on the leash to get the dog’s attention away from, for example, a dashing rabbit or an enticing scent. 

No matter how strong of a grip you think you have on your 100-pound behemoth’s leash, there’s no planning for when they suddenly lunge at a cat darting across the street.

The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness is the harness we recommend for dog owners who want greater control over a rambunctious or large dog.

It has a belly strap behind the armpits and a horizontal attachment point along the lower chest, as on our top pick, rather than at the neck.

That lower attachment point grants dog owners greater control over their pets because it more evenly distributes the force of a dog’s movement.

Or, if you prefer, you can use the back attachment ring for a traditional walking experience.

Grab the Ruffwear Hi & Light Lightweight Dog Harness if our Puppia pick is sold out, or if your pup doesn’t like to feel weighed down on walks due to arthritis or other reasons.

The harness’s low-profile and vest-like shape has four adjustment points to help you find a great fit for many dogs, from those with large heads and smaller necks to broad-chested canines with low-slung bodies.

The debris-resistant liner won’t easily tear or trap prickly pieces if your pup rolls around in wood chips at the dog park

Accessories for Dog Travel – Dog Car Harness

Traveling at highway speeds on weekend getaways to Joshua Tree and Jackson Hole might feel like a breeze for humans in ergonomic seat belts, but Fido’s often left to fend for himself in the backseat without much recourse in case an accident happens.

A car harness slips on and fastens easily, clipping into any ordinary car seat belt.

Look for those that are crash-tested for dogs up to your dogs weight.


Sleepypod ClickIt Sport Crash – Tested Car Dog Harness

Certified by the Center for Pet Safety, this car dog harness is made of durable ballistic nylon and has undergone intensive safety testing.

It’s unique because it’s actually crash-tested.

It features a three-point design to reduce forward and sideways movement and attaches to the seat belt directly.

It can also be used as a walking harness, as it sports a D-ring leash attachment on the back of the neck strap.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Car Dog Harness

Whether you plan to use it in the car or while out on walks, this Kurgo Tru-Fit harness has you covered.

It comes with a seat belt attachment, all-steel buckles, and a no-pull style front D-ring leash attachment for walking.

This harness also boasts five adjustment points on the straps to ensure a perfect fit for your dog.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Safety Harness

The PetSafe car dog harness is easy to use and the padding in front makes it comfortable for dogs to wear.

In addition, the harness comes with a leash attachment (so you can use it for walks and potty breaks) plus the strap needed to attach it to the seat belt.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Dog Backpack

Whether it be in the rust-tinted sandstone of Zion or the rolling green hills of the Great Smoky Mountains, if you’re planning to tackle some trails with your pup, it’s a good idea to get them a doggy backpack so they can help schlep any necessary pet gear, like treats and travel bowls.

Some backpacks are machine-washable.

Look for those dog backpacks that have multiple adjustment points to give a near-custom fit when your pup’s out in the wilderness.


Mountainsmith K-9

The Mountainsmith K-9 is the most adjustable dog pack on our list. There are six cinch points for dialing in the fit, and you can change the position of the saddlebags to help balance the weight on each side.

The parts of the pack that sit against the dog’s body are very well-padded, and they’re made with breathable paneling to keep your dog comfy on warm days.

The K-9 dog backpack is designed with many of the most important details found in human backpacks, and it is recommended for anyone wanting to put in serious miles with their pooch.

Ruffwear Approach

The Ruffwear Approach is the most spacious pack on our list, which makes it great for long hauls or dogs that require a lot of extra gear to keep them comfortable.

In addition to the roomy saddlebags, the Approach also has outer accessory loops for lashing on additional gear like wet items or a treat pouch.

The body of the Approach is larger than others, so it isn’t our first choice for petite dogs.

That said, larger breeds may find the size to be a little more ergonomic.

If you and your dog like to head off into the backcountry for multiple days, the roomy Ruffwear Approach may be the perfect pack for you.

OneTigris Hoppy Camper

If you want your dog to be the style envy of the trail, check out the OneTigris Hoppy Camper.

The canvas construction gives it a classic rucksack look and makes the Hoppy Camper one of the more durable backpacks on the market.

The lack of breathability means it may be best suited for short hikes or hikes in cooler weather.

The Hoppy Camper is very well-padded, so it’s a great choice for dogs who will need something extra comfy to help them acclimate to wearing a backpack.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Travel Dog Food Containers

Traveling with your dog is a fun and exciting experience.

You get to explore new places, meet different people, and get your pup some much-needed exercise.

Undoubtedly, dogs are the best friends anyone could ask for, and traveling with them is pretty easy, but what about the food? You don’t want to carry around a bunch of wet food or kibble that can get spilled or smashed in your luggage.

That’s why finding the perfect container for your dog’s meals is so important.

There are many styles and types of food containers out there, but not all are created equal. If you’re looking for the best travel dog food container in 2022, then look no further.


Yicostar Travel Dog Food Container

Are you looking for an airtight food storage container to keep your dog’s food fresh and free of contaminants? Well, your search is over.

The Yicostar Travel Dog Food Storage features a slim design and holds 3.5 pounds of pet food, and is excellent for use in your kitchen or travels with your pets.

This container is made of high-impact plastic, completely leakproof, and virtually indestructible.

It comes with an upgraded large-sized pouring spout to easily pour your dog’s food without removing the lid.

This dog food container is durable, economical to use, and easy to clean.

It has four independent seal buckles that prevent dogs from opening the lid by themselves.

Also, the airtight design locks in freshness and prevents spills, minimizes pet food odors and leaks.

The sturdy construction keeps the container upright without tipping over when stored.

Plus, you will also get an additional removable plastic scoop for convenient measuring with this container.

Top Dog Pet Gear Food Container

Top Dog Pet Gear Food Containers are the ideal solution for keeping your dog’s food, water, and snacks fresh while keeping them organized.

With its front magnetic pocket, zippered side pocket, an internal zippered mesh pocket, and removable divider, you’ll have optimal storage space for storing all of your furry friend’s accessories, from toys to food and water.

Not only is this food container completely insulated to keep food and beverages hot or cold for up to 18 hours.

It’s also made from dishwasher-safe BPA-free material, which makes it perfect for hypoallergenic dogs.

Moreover, it also contains two collapsible silicone bowls, so you don’t have to buy any additional utensils for your dog.

Dog owners can have a great time during their trip as this container comes with durable handles and side straps which ensure that you can carry all your pet stuff with ease wherever you go.

The Modoker Pet Food Bag

The Modoker Pet Food Bag is an on-the-go bag with multiple compartments to store pet food, water bowl, treats, and accessories.

It is made of high-quality water repellent oxford fabric with PVC backing for maximum durability. It has an anti-leak inner lining that provides ultimate protection from leakage and moisture.

And it has padded shoulder straps so you can carry it comfortably on a long ride without straining your muscles.

The bag has ample storage capacity for all of your dog’s gear.

It includes 2 collapsible silicone bowls to feed the dog anywhere you want, a large inner compartment for storing toys/treats, and countless functional pockets to put your own water bottle, keys, and phone.

This sleek, light-weighted, portable pet food container is an airline complaint, so you can easily carry it with you on your next trip.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Dog Water & Food Bowls

While on the go, it’s not always practical to travel with your dog’s standard water and food bowls.

These tend to be heavy and take up a lot of space in your dog travel bag.

A collapsible dog bowl is a lightweight and convenient alternative that will simplify things while making sure your dog stays hydrated and well-fed on your trip. In this guide we not only list the best travel dog bowls but also tell you what to consider before purchasing a new dog bowl.


Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

The Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl is an eco-friendly, non-slip option for feeding and hydrating your dog on the go. It’s a great water bowl for large dogs because it doesn’t easily collapse.

Not only will it be difficult to accidentally collapse when it’s filled with water or food, but it’s also durable enough to be able to survive a drop without breaking.

The 40-ounce bowl can hold five cups of food and measures 7” x 3”, and the 55-ounce bowl can hold seven cups of food and measures 7.75” x 3.25”.

They both can be fully expanded or partially expanded, and collapse down to 0.75”.

The smaller bowl weighs 5.6 ounces and is great for medium to large dogs over 50 pounds while the larger bowl weighs 8.2 ounces and is ideal for large dogs over 100 pounds.

Included is a silicone water bottle holder that can easily clip onto a small backpack. If you have a large dog, both of you will appreciate the Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl.

Outward Hound Dog Travel Bowl

Outward Hound created a dog travel bowl that folds down flat and is small enough to fit in the pocket of your dog’s carrier.

It’s made of a rugged nylon construction and can hold 48 ounces of water or food.

It expands to 5.2” x 7” x 6.2” and only weighs 1.44 ounces. It can hold food or water and is quick-drying so you can quickly pack it away if you need to hurry to another destination.

The Outward Hound Dog Travel Bowl is easy to clean and is a great option for your dog’s next travel bowl.

PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you’re looking for collapsible travel bowls for dogs, look no further than the PetBonus bowls.

This four-pack comes in four bright colors – pink, yellow, orange, and green.

The bowl can hold 12 ounces of water or food and measures 5” x 3.5” x 2”. It can collapse down to 0.5” and each bowl only weighs 2.16 ounces.

It has three adjustable tiers so you can adjust the depth of the bowl based on your dog’s preference.

The base is made of silicone while the rim is made of a sturdy hard plastic.

The hole and carabiner make it simple to hang on your belt loop, bag, or a hook while you’re traveling or waiting for it to dry.

The PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls are dishwasher-safe bowls and are great additions to your dog gear collection.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Trail Dog Medical Kit

None of us want to think about worst-case scenarios when we’re trying to escape our city woes, but savvy dog owners know how important it is to travel with a pet-centric first aid kit and the name of the nearest vet on hand.

The Trail Dog medical kit is designed to be a lightweight, easy-to-stow wellspring of dressings and bandages to soothe injured paws.

It even comes with a sterile pair of tweezers to help remove ticks and splinters.


Kurgo RSG Dog First Aid Kit

This first aid kit contains 49 essential supplies and pieces of equipment. With straps like a backpack, owners can wear it on hikes or while on the go.

For those unsure how to treat their dogs, this kit includes a guide that explains how to use the supplies.

You’ll find pretty much everything you need to treat your dog, including sting relief pads, cleansi…

Pet Evac Pak 2-Big Dog Pak Pet Emergency Kit

This dog first aid kit has possibly the most comprehensive selection of first aid supplies that you might need to care for your dog in an emergency.

There’s even enough emergency food and water for 72 hours.

The hand-free carrying kit is easy to bring anywhere with your dog and is designed for travel, evacuations, and more serious injuries.

PushOn Dog First Aid Kit with Thermometer and Emergency Blanket

This small first aid kit attaches to a harness or collar, so dogs can carry their own emergency supplies while out hiking or walking.

It features quick access to pockets that organize and store all the supplies.

Unlike most other dog first aid kits, this one includes a thermometer, as well as bandages, scissors, instant ice, and other emergency supplies.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Dog Paw Wax

A dogs’ paws are going to get rough and cracked, especially if you traipse around on rough pavement, salted roads, or snowy areas.

With 95% of a dog’s body covered in fur, it can be easy to neglect the soft skin on the pads of their feet and their sensitive noses.

Depending on the conditions, either the weather or the terrain can damage the skin on your pup’s paws.

Hot asphalt, concrete or even sand can result in burns.

Dry grass, snow, ice or salty sidewalks can lead to tiny cuts and abrasions.

These injuries can lead to dry, cracked paws, infection and a lot of pain.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect your pup’s paws.

Take walks in the cooler part of the day and stick to the shade as much as possible

Choose paths that are more natural where possible – sand and grass is easier on paws than asphalt

Slowly toughen up your dog’s paws by exposing them to rough surfaces in limited amounts in cooler weather.

Protect your dog’s paws with dog shoes or socks (if your pup is easygoing and doesn’t see them as chew toys) or find a paw balm that can protect your pup’s feet with a simple application.


Honest Paws Relief

Honest Paws has combined six natural skin vitamins and nutrients to create this soothing, moisturizing balm including coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter.

Suitable for cats and dogs, it is perfect for healing dry paws and noses.

This soothing blend is easy to apply and absorbs quickly to maximize healing, even for pets who love licking their paws.

Vets Preferred Paw Balm Paw Pad Protection Balm for Dogs

Protect your dog’s paws from the elements in even the most extreme weather conditions.

This moisturizing formula is a blend of 100% pure natural waxes not present in most dog paw protection balms.

It protects, but also soothes cracked pads and paws.

Pet MD Dog Paw Balm

For allergic pets who won’t stop licking their paws, this product is gentle and effective and is made from a blend of natural oils. 

Apply this product up to three times a day, especially before bed to enhance the healing process and those dry, chapped paws (and excessive licking) will be a thing of the past.

Accessories for Dog Travel – Dog Travel Bed

At outdoor restaurants and backcountry camps alike, it’s nice to give your pup a dedicated space to lay down that’s insulated from the cold, hard ground.

Most dogs like to lounge — a lot. And that doesn’t stop when you take them traveling.

But since your dog’s normal bed isn’t exactly built for stuffing in a suitcase, you might be looking for something that’s a little more travel-friendly.

Luckily, there are a ton of travel dog beds on the market that are lightweight, waterproof, durable, compact and comfortable — making them the perfect spots for your pup to curl up while you’re out on the road.


YEP HHO Large Elevated Folding Pet Bed

Bed size: 42 by 24 inches

Bed weight: 14 pounds

Elevated dog beds can help keep your pup cool and prevent him from getting any dirt, dust or other debris from the floor on his fur.

This can be especially useful if you have to sleep on the ground while camping or if you plan on keeping the bed somewhere that gets pretty hot.

This elevated dog bed can collapse inwards (similar to a fabric folding chair for humans) and comes with a carrying case for easy storage.

PETMAKER Travel Dog Bed (blue)

Bed size: 37 by 24 inches

Bed weight: 31.2 ounces

Your older dog will love this dog bed that’s made with memory foam so he can rest his achy joints while out on an adventure.

And this bed isn’t just for senior pets, either. Any dog can enjoy the extreme comfort of a memory foam bed — and can definitely benefit from the restful night’s sleep it’ll give him.

One side of the bed is covered in faux fur, so your pet can get extra snuggly and stay warm on cold surfaces.

And even though this dog bed isn’t machine washable, it’s super portable since it can be rolled easily and even comes with handles attached to the bed.

TOYSBOOM Outdoor Dog Mat (Orange)

Bed size: 44 by 26 inches

Bed weight: 35.2 ounces

This dog bed is super cushiony, yet it can be folded up completely for convenient storage.

It’s made with three layers of artificial cotton filing, which keeps it super thick.

And thanks to the perforations in the bed, you can roll it up super tight into a compact cylinder shape that you can throw into the carrying case it comes with. It’s also machine washable, water resistant and made with a breathable fabric that’s easy to dry.

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